Thursday, 2018-12-13

tabaskoIs it possible to to answer comments in Harbour? For me comment section just shows some example comments when I log in via web04:32
kimmoliyou need to answer through phone store05:52
tabaskokimmoli is it just regular comment or is there way to directly answer specific comment07:41
kimmolijust generic afaik, people use some notation to "mention" people commenting07:49
kimmolijust look for comments in other apps. author comments are marked with gear07:50
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sledgesr0kk3rz: thanks, passed on the md5sum thingy internally in a bug (cc pketo)09:35
attahAny suggestions on how to run functions when a already created page becomes visible a second time?19:30
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring20:04
coderusattah: just second? make a counter.20:20
attahany subsequent time...20:21
attahfirst would be Component.onCompleted... but next?20:21
coderusany would be onStatusChanged: if (status == PageStatus.Active)20:22
attahand by status you mean state, right?20:24
attahsorry, i derped20:25
attahmust be in the page20:25
attahhmmm, doesn't seem to trigger on when i bring up the app from the multi tasking view20:34

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