Friday, 2018-12-14

deicide-what can i do if i need a language that is not on the list?01:23
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coderusattah: of course, page is not changed when you minimize whole application. Use applicationwindow properties06:13
coderusdeicide-: request language and translate.sailfishos.org06:14
tortoisedoclbt : -> gateway timeout06:26
tortoisedocraspberry pi zero needs reboot :P06:26
tbrtortoisedoc: could always emulate a 16bit cpu on an 8bit cpu and have that emulate a 32bit cpu and run a VM in qemu… ;o)08:47
tortoisedoclbt : :D09:02
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deicide-i'm trying to load an micro sd card into my pc but its never detected with sd card reader only way for me to load it is if i put it in my old phone and connect the phone to my pc via usb and its not detected in my new phone. what can i do to be able to format it?12:17
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