Sunday, 2018-12-23

Almindorwhat's the correct QML component to use for video playback?02:34
Almindoralso is still a thing?02:55
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dannysantosHi, what are the officially supported devices for sailfish os?09:54
Dakondannysantos: the Jolla phones and some Sony Xperia10:05
dannysantosthank you10:13
dannysantosnever heard of jolla phones. are they smartphones? And can they be bought online?10:14
Dakononly used ones, they are not produced anymore10:18
dannysantosso that leaves me with sony xpheria10:24
x2sI guess the XA2 is the best one to get right now. But I'm not sure if the support is no official10:24
dannysantosis xpheria fully functional on sailfish os or is there something that doesn't work? which things?10:24
dannysantosfor example in XA210:25
x2sit's on the jolla store page, so I guess it is10:25
x2sI think NFC is still not supported and the fm radio stuff10:26
x2sbluetooth has some quirks in it, but they slowly get solved10:26
x2soh, thanks to the "we store cookies" message I didn't see the "Coming soon" labels10:27
x2sso I guess the XA2s aren't officially supported yet10:27
dannysantosit seems a great os but there should be at least one device that is fully functional10:28
dannysantosim inclined to getting one, but want a fully functional smartphone10:29
x2show often do you use the fm radio and NFC? ;)10:30
dannysantosi dont have nfc or fm radio support on my current phone, so I don't use them (because the phone doesn't offer)10:31
x2severything else works fine10:31
dannysantoswhat is wrong with the bluetooth10:32
dannysantosit says that it has "initial support" (???)10:32
x2smost of the time it's not SFX fault at all. There are many broken bluetooth devices out there and they need special treatment10:32
dannysantosI see that xiaomi has good support for sailfish os (dont know if supports system updates). what is the best smarthphone for this operating system? xpheria XA2?10:35
dannysantosin terms of support of functionality and system updates10:36
x2sWell, the xiaomi phones aren't officially supported, so you wont get android support and such things10:39
x2sbut if you just want to try out sfx, you can try the community edition for it.10:40
x2sBut I can't help you there, never tried that10:40
dannysantosso what is sailfish x and sailfish os? what are the differences?10:40
x2sSailfish X is just the name of SailfishOS for the Sony Xperia phones10:41
x2sno differences there10:41
dannysantosok, so for sony xpheria there is sailfish x and for all others there is sailfish os, is this right?10:42
x2sit's mostly the same, but different linux kernel configs10:44
dannysantosI would pay for this OS, but I need support for at least one fully functional device10:48
dannysantosis there a newsletter for me to get news updates?10:49
r0kk3rzsailfish x == sailfish os, dont try to make sense of it10:58
dannysantoswell... the best way to get new is using the blog rss feed - but that is malformated. it is just a <a> tag and should be something like this: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Add Feed" href="/page/link/to/rss/feed">11:02
dannysantosat least to show on firefox and we be able to bookmark the feed11:03
dannysantoscan anyone please tell this to sailfish os team?11:03
svartoyghy. would you recommend the SailfishX solution for the XPeria XA2?12:43
svartoygor rather a phone having SailfishOS preinstalled?12:43
DakonI don't think that those are sold anymore (the preinstalled ones)12:49
svartoygi see12:50
svartoygwtf? when trying to register an account for the jolla shop: "You are seeing this message because this HTTPS site requires a 'Referer  header' to be sent by your Web browser, but none was sent. This header  is required for security reasons, to ensure that your browser is not  being hijacked by third parties."12:53
svartoyger... no?12:53
svartoygsimply not true12:53
svartoygworkaround: going directly to ...12:57
svartoyg... but that will fail with same error message on sending the registration data12:59
svartoyghmm, i don't even see the point for being forced to have an account in order to download the free version of Sailfish X13:01
Dakonit's free as in beer, not as in OSS (at least not entirely)13:12
svartoygis it possible to replace an installed Sailfish OS on an Xperia XA2 with another OS, let's say Lineage?13:48
svartoyg(or Android again)13:49
RzRhi is usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-config hosted anywhere ?13:55
RzRi can't install it on sfos3 using pkgcon13:56
RzRFatal error: File './noarch/here-agreements-1.5.2-1.2.4.noarch.rpm' not found on medium ''13:57
x2ssvartoyg: it is, yes. Just reflash it13:58
Dakonsounds like "--nodeps", no idea if pkgcon supports that14:09
coderusRzR: pkcon refresh14:31
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