Monday, 2018-12-24

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pilinoHi everyone! I'm trying to get started with some Sailfish Silica development, but I've ran into a problem: The IDE does not recognize the ButtonLayout control, and says "Unkown component. (M30)". However, I can compile and deploy the app to my device. Does anybody know what's going on?16:19
pilinoThe documentation ( also includes the line `anchors.width: parent.width` in the example code, but this line causes an error when running (Cannot assign to non-existent property "width").16:26
r0kk3rzthe ide not recognising it will be because of lack of qmltypes info16:49
r0kk3rzthe anchors problem must be because you havent got a proper parent object16:52
r0kk3rzbut 'width' is a fairly universal property in qml16:52
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