Saturday, 2019-01-05

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juhajSlight issue with Mouhijoki update: Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools-0.6c11-py2.7.egg-info: cpio: rename failed - Is a directory19:43
juhajThere's also another issue, with Error: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium '' but that happens later19:43
malwhich device?19:43
juhajAquaFish turned into JollaC with coderus's instructions19:47
juhajI understand the cpio problem but cannot figure out how to sort it out (short of mv /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/setuptools-0.6c11-py2.7.egg-info /away which I am afraid will break something)19:48
juhajOk, sorted out the setuptools bit, the aliendalvik bit is still a mystery20:34
kimmoliisnt that url missing arch?20:42
malkimmoli: juhaj it seems the missing part is device codename20:44
malnot sure why20:44
malnot sure why it's missing20:45
kimmoliah sure, ports have armv7hl...20:45
juhajWell, the .ini says aliendalvik=%(releaseProtocol)://%(releaseDomain)/aliendalvik/%(%(update-version:-bar):=bar?latest-%(flavourName)|%(update-version))/%(deviceVariant)/20:46
juhajwhich I think is correct20:46
juhajBut in case that isn't the correct one, then I don't know what %(deviceVariant) should be as it works with other repos20:47
malso deviceVariant is empty20:47
kimmolidoes ssu ur help?20:48
malon jolla c deviceVariant is l500d20:48
malssu ur is a good idea to test20:48
juhajOr l500d-dhd?20:48
juhajI take it I should run zypper ref after ssu ur?20:49
malcheck the urls using ssu lr after that20:49
kimmolissu lr and check what it says for that repo url20:49
juhaj(When would that have broken then because ssu ur was the *previous* command right before version --dup which gave me the above error!20:49
maljuhaj: is this the first time you do the update?20:50
juhajFirst time I do an update to, yes20:50
malneed to check where it gets that deviceVariant20:50
malI mean I need to check20:51
malon my device20:51
juhajOh, that would be nice if you could do that20:57
juhajJolla1 has "SbJ" for that deviceVariant but I doubt that works for AquaFish/JollaC20:58
juhajThe correct URL for AquaFish *was* at least for that version21:03
maldoes ssu s report correct device codename?21:09
juhajYou mean ssu mo?21:11
juhajssu s says "Device model: Jolla C (l500d / JP-1601)" which isn't particularly convincing21:11
juhajssu mo says l500d but dunno if that's right or not now that it's been "jollacified"21:11
malthose are correct21:11
juhajwhat does /usr/share/ssu/board-mappings.d/10-l500d-jolla.ini say for you?21:12
malprettyModel=Jolla C21:12
juhajHm... I hoped the deviceVariant string would have come from that file21:13
maldid the update go through completely or did your last update break in the middle21:14
juhajFailed in the middle, as I said21:14
juhajIn the middle of version --dup21:14
juhaj(Or rather close to the middle: [43 %])21:15
malok, then there is possibility that there is some mismatch, try disabling the alien repo for now and try to continue update21:16
malssu dr aliendalvik21:16
juhajBut won't that disable alien upgrade?21:16
malyes, but that is the least of your problems now21:16
juhajNot a problem on its own, I'm happy to upgrade it later, but if it prevents other bits of the upgrade then it may be a problem21:16
malyou can enable it again if the repo urls are ok after finishing version --dup21:17
malI think alien should be quite self contained system21:17
juhajOne would think so and in any case it would seem unlikely anything depends on IT (instead of it depending on something)21:18
juhajUnless "feature-jolla" or some similar metapackage depends on it21:18
malwe'll see21:18
juhajNot reassuring, is it? :)21:18
malI highly doubt not updating alien will break anything21:19
malthe "safe" way is to uninstall alien and update after that but to me that is overkill solution21:20
malit will complain about dependencies if there is some problem with alien installed21:20
attahFlump! Here i'm derpng with gstreamer (sure, partly for restreaming or similar stuff), and it turns out i can just throw a hls stream at the source of a MediaPlayer21:24
attahSeems i need to make a svtplay app too now21:24
juhajBy the way, is there a python3-version of numpy somewhere for sfos?21:38
juhajOk, what next: /usr/bin/rnd-dist-upgrade is stuck after "REFRESHING CACHE AND DOWNLOADING PACKAGES", it just says "Waiting"21:49
malwhat did yo run? version --dup?21:52
Dakonhrhr, I'm just testing numpy patches to get it pass it's own testsuite on sparc ;)21:53
juhajBut that goes straight to /usr/bin/rnd-dist-upgrade21:53
juhajDakon: On sparc? We just hired some sparc designers who got unhappy that sparc got killed :(21:54
DakonT5120 ;)21:54
juhajOk, I gave ctrl-c to version --dup and restarted it, it's not doing anything except polling a domain socket. What's supposed to be at the other end of the socket? It's obviously not there21:59
maljuhaj: check journalctl output22:01
juhajNothing suspicious there22:01
juhajexcept some nemo-transfer-engine starting (but not crashing)22:01
maldoes it show enough output? use -n 1000 for example to get more22:02
juhajwith -x it does22:02
juhajPerhaps these are related: ne[32625]: [D] unknown:0 - Scheduling exit in 5000 ms22:03
juhajbut those do not seem to be errors or anything22:03
malanything about package management related22:04
juhajNot that i can find.22:04
juhajHm... unless "void ServiceStatus::queryStatus(ServiceStatus::QueryStatusMode) Credentials need update for accout id:  30" is a clue22:04
juhajInteresting "pkcon repo-list" also just "Waiting in queue" forever22:07
malah, maybe go account settings and relogin22:08
juhajFrom command line..?22:08
juhajAfaik I'm logged in?22:09
juhaj(e.g. from "Settings" I can check for sailfish updates and I can see the store contents in Store etc)22:10
juhajOk, wtf?22:11
juhaj[root@alnilam ~]# ssu up22:11
juhajDevice is not registered, can't update credentials22:11
juhajYes, as I said, in Settings everything looks ok22:18
malthen select jolla account and the pulldown menu has some option for credential22:18
juhajYes, delete or update. Updated. No change.22:18
juhajI don't think this has anything to do with accounts or credentials: "pkcon repo-list" is a local operation, isn't it?22:19
juhajAnd that hangs22:19
juhajHm... what has "store-client" to do with this? Everything?-o It does not seem ok: "[27548]: [D] unknown:0 - -- still busy, restarting inactivity timer" (that PID is store-client)22:21
attahfwiw my XA2 doesn't like ssu up either, even after re-logging in from settings22:21
attah(And i did manage to snag a license)22:21
juhajI should not even need to do "ssu up"22:22
malnot sure if I have ever done ssu up22:23
juhajOk, what ever happened to packagekitd, restarting that sorted pkcon repo-list22:23
juhajAnd also version --dup works now22:23
maldoes it download something22:23
juhajThe last log message from packagekit was "starting up", yet it had died without a log message and pkcon/versoin didn't know how to restart it (usually pkcon can do that)22:24
juhajNo, it hit the same damn aliendalvik problem again22:24
juhajDespite my previously disabling it22:25
malso disable it again and make sure it's disabled in ssu lr output22:25
juhajBut what re-enabled it?!?22:26
malprobably ssu ur or something22:28
juhajI don't think so: first of all, I disabled it with ssu dr so why would ssu ur enable it and second, I just re-disabled it with ssu dr and ran ssu ur and ssu lr: it stayed disabled.22:30
juhajFor some reason, customer-intex repo had become re-enabled as well.22:31
maldisable or remove it again22:31
juhajNow they are both disabled and version --dup has progressed further than ever before, so so far so good22:31
malalso check if you have any intex packages installed22:31
juhajAlready did, don't have22:32
juhajOk, refreshing cache finished (for the first time).22:34
juhajUpgrading system now, at 0%22:34
juhaj(It actually got to 43% of upgrading on the first attempt before it hit that python-setuptools snag22:35
juhajSo I suspect a progress of 2% (which is where it is now) actually means almost 4% of the original total22:35
Dakonhas anyone of you wondered why the normal GUI update process does not show a progress bar for the download?22:40
juhajI never used the GUI update after it failed on wife's Jolla1 some years ago. Turned out there wasn't enough space on / but the GUI wasn't able to tell me. It's been version --dup ever since as that actually tells me what's going on and (most) errors, too (though not all as we've seen today)22:44
juhajOk, upgrade finished, possibly successfully...22:53
malDakon: it does, in the image22:54
maljuhaj: hopefully it worked now22:55
juhajOk, now I have the correcy url in aliendalvik. How do I upgrade it now that version --dup finished without it? Just zypper update?22:55
malversion --dup again should work if you enable the repo again22:57
juhajOk, will try that (after pkcon refresh finishes)22:59
malalso zypper should work22:59
juhajzypper needs packagekitd to die, and since I had some weird behaviour from it earlier, I think I'll try version --dup instead and then reboot23:07
juhajOk, aliendalvik 1.0.89-1 installed :)23:17
juhajreboot time (as soon as I make a fresh backup)23:18
juhajInteresting. After reboot, the screen is still in boot logo "Jolla", not intex any more, but I can ssh in fine :)23:35
juhajAnd somehow "version --verify" still thinks some intex packages should be installed...23:37
juhajLet's see if version --dup thinks we still need to install something23:39
juhajOk, the normal home screen appeared after some minutes of waiting on its own. Cool. Then ... :)23:52

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