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malmaybe the intex repo was re-enabled somehow?00:09
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tortoisedoc_I have been trying to build gcc4910:08
attahAny chance of interacting with the dom in a SilicaWebView? Or do i need to go for QtWebKit and some arcane C++ magic?10:10
tortoisedoc_so I have cloned
tortoisedoc_but when I do mb2 build in the main dir it will complain about missing isi* and cloop* 's dir10:10
tortoisedoc_and if i do mb2 build -p, it will complain it cant find the file to patch10:11
tortoisedoc_what's the correct command line?10:11
tortoisedoc_mal : ping? ^10:11
abransontortoisedoc_: check the prep - I think that build downloads or extracts some additional tars before it starts.10:19
abransonmb2 doesn't do the prep10:20
attahI really wish i could have used something as simple as QtWebView.runJavaScript10:34
tortoisedoc_hmm weird11:15
tortoisedoc_the %setup in gcc.spec seems to be completely ignored11:15
tortoisedoc_or actually the download seems to be completely disregarded11:16
tortoisedoc_mb2 -s rpm/gcc.spec build -p11:16
tortoisedoc_^ this is my command11:16
tortoisedoc_and this is the output
abransontortoisedoc_: check the mb2 docs. it doesn't run all phases when you run 'build'11:27
abransonit's best to do the patching with 'mb2 apply' and do the rest of the preparation yourself11:28
juhajSo any idea of what's going to happen to sfos android support? 4.4 is starting to make lots of apps incompatible nowadays12:30
juhajI read some comments on TJC suggesting "never gonna be updated" but that was nothing definite12:30
Dakonespecially the old SSL version sucks12:30
PeperJohnnyaccording to the sailfish day videos at least on XA2 it will be 8.112:30
malsailfish for xperia xa2 will have new alien12:30
PeperJohnnyand probably ported to the Xperia x as well12:31
PeperJohnnyNo comments concerning j1, jc or jt12:31
juhajAccording to same rumour, Android version is tied to the kernel version and there is a newer kernel from Sony for the two Xperias, so perhaps there will never be a newer Android for J1, JC, JT due to no suitable kernel available (and no resources at Jolla to make such a kernel)?12:33
PeperJohnnysounds plausible12:35
PeperJohnnyAlthough they probably have to redo a bit of adaption work for the X, so not entirely sold on that 8.1 will come to it :/12:36
PeperJohnnyComment from James to this question12:38
Dakonwhat is the problem with the kernel things?12:43
r0kk3rzits not really kernel things12:43
DakonJ1 needs a much less outdated kernel anyway, so where is the repo and what are the blockers?12:44
r0kk3rzblobs, always the blobs12:44
r0kk3rzotherwise the sources are available through the source dumps jolla publishes12:45
r0kk3rzor you send them a request by mail12:45
Dakonthe blobs need an interface, that can be adapted, otherwise they are a licence violation themself…12:52
Dakonbut I wonder what kind of blob you would need for the J1? the Android things are open source also12:52
PeperJohnnydrivers for example12:52
DakonI have 2 modules loaded, wlan and cfg80211, both are open source12:59
Dakonevery thing else is baked into the kernel, so must be GPL212:59
juhajDakon: Are you sure there are no firmware binary blobs?12:59
juhajMy AquaFish/JC has a couple of dozen files in /firmware/image/ which  I very much doubt are open source13:00
r0kk3rzhaha, yeah... android is full of userspace driver blobs13:02
r0kk3rzwhich is a real pain, and they do that to avoid gpl licensing stuff13:02
r0kk3rzit may be possible to adapt the kernel so the blobs still work, but i dont think it will be easy13:03
r0kk3rzthe main one is graphics drivers, but there are others too13:04
r0kk3rzyou might be able to freedreno it, at the cost of everything else13:07
Dakonuserspace is an entirely independent thing13:08
Dakonyou must not bake any firmware files directly into the kernel for licence reasons13:08
Dakonhave only done this lately to get the Tegra board boot at all and switched to a proper rootfs with /lib/firmware afterwards13:09
r0kk3rzsure, but it wont be trivial to port the hacky blob interfaces between kernels13:10
r0kk3rzif you want to try, then dont let me stop you13:11
Dakonthey need some sort of kernel side, no? either a special driver or an existing one13:13
r0kk3rzthey do yeah, but its not exactly nice13:14
attahHow do i make a SilicaWebView fake a smaller screen size so that i get mobile-adapted web pages?13:16
attahI have tried width, experimental.preferredMinimumContentsWidth, experimental.deviceWidth, _page.width, but no dice13:17
wdehoogattah: look at sources of webcat13:28
wdehoogattah: See
wdehoogthis guy knows a lot of tricks.maybe you can use one of them13:28
wdehoogor ask him13:28
attahI was looking at WebPirate, but couldn't spot it... i'll see if webcat is easier13:29
wdehoogattah: for hutspot I 'borrowed' some stuff to get the content sized correctly13:31
attahcool! customLayoutWidth did the trick13:33
attahHow on earth did you find that?13:35
attahNeither WebPirate or WebCat uses that13:35
attahat least according to githun search13:35
wdehoogsorry I don't remember13:35
attahNor is it listed here :)
wdehoogand here:
attahseems my search-fu is off today13:38
wdehoogespecially FirstPage.qml is full of stuff13:39
wdehoogwell have fun.13:39
attahI really only want to hook or dig out one string, do another http request and play the media i get a link to there13:40
attahHow hard could it be? :P13:40
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juhajCool, running, perfectly smooth install and all14:54
MalinuxI am running sailfish on intex aqua, trying to install webcat, gives me "Fatal error: Installation aborted by user"
Malinuxjuhaj: does your jolla-store works on ?14:59
juhajMalinux: Will have a look when I'm near the phone again, but as there hasn't been anything worth installing in the store for the last two years or so, I don't know when it worked last15:00
Malinuxjuhaj: I see. I mostly use the storeman myself. Storeman works in but I use to get warnings the upgrade or installation has been aborted by the user. Same message as from the pkcon command line output15:02
juhajStoreman is my choice, too15:03
juhajOr pkcon install :)15:03
Malinuxcool :)15:04
Malinuxjust don't know what to do with the error :)15:05
malcheck journalctl to see if there are any relevant errors15:08
Malinuxmal: This is parts from journalctl. I can post the entire output if that's better.15:26
MalinuxI see it say I should refresh, and when I do it want's me to install this packages:
Malinuxeh, update I mean, not refresh15:26
malMalinux: is that converted to jolla c?15:28
MalinuxI am not sure if it is safe to upgrade the packages. However. I took a random package with intex in it's name and ran pkcon get-details sailfish-content-browser-intex and the installed version is of lower version number than what it wants to install, so maybe I shouldn't be too afraid too install them?15:35
MalinuxI have deciede to run the pkcon -vvv update backed up my pictures, and found out how to run the recovery mode if things don't goes well: Hopefully it just works :)16:07
Malinuxpkcon -vvv update also gives me the Fatal error: Installation aborted by user16:09
maltry version --dup16:11
Malinuxwill do, just waiting for pkcon -vvv refresh to finish :)16:17
Malinuxstarted version --dup16:25
attahPOC done, svtplay app, here i come!16:51
Malinuxmal: ran version --dup
Malinuxtrying reboot as it says :)16:56
Malinuxrebooting. crossing fingers :p16:56
Malinuxit booted :) puh :p :D16:58
Malinuxrunnign a pkcon -vvv refresh and will try an update after16:59
malMalinux: version --dup does same as pkcon up, almost at least17:04
Malinuxmal: ah. by accident I started version --dup again and hit ctrl + c almost imidently. Maybe thats why the pckon -vvv refresh might be stuck at
Malinuxthere is a progress bar too, with two == going from side to side, but I couldn't copy them from the terminal17:06
Malinuxguess it's stuck, still running.17:10
Malinuxnot sure what process to kill, so I rebooted again17:11
Malinuxmal: tried to run pkcon -vvv update after refresh, and still the same "Fatall error: Installation aborted by user" :)17:48
malbut you already did version --dup17:51
malwhich is basically the same thing17:51
Malinuxmal: ok. It still want's to install packages, and fails with the error the same paste as earlier today18:45
Malinuxmal: but when I try to install webcat it actually installes it, so something might have been resolved from running version --dup :)18:46
maldidn't version --dup install those?18:46
malwhat did it install if not those?18:46
Malinuxmal: this is what version --dup did:
malhmm, so there could be some issue with those other packages then18:54
malzypper dup usually tells if there is some dependency issue18:54
malmaybe the problem is that afaik aquafish doesn't have actual release?18:56
malor does it?18:57
Malinuxcould absolutely be the reason18:57
Malinuxno, it has version 2.1 something. Don't remember the point release-number18:57
Malinuxbut something in the 2.1-range18:57
Malinuxthe last before 2.2 I think18:57
Malinuxmal: Will it continue after a while, or do I have to hit enter?19:07
Malinuxmal: It did finish after a while and this is the output:
malMalinux: ok, so just as I suspected, it cannot update due to dependency issues19:16
Malinuxyeah. The sollution then, will be to convert it to jolla C-ish?19:17
malI think that could be the only option if you want to update everything, but at least it works even now so it depends on what you want19:18
Malinuxthat's true. Maybe I just leave it like this for a while and reconsider after another while. I am thinking about getting an xa219:20
tortoisedoc_my project is set up on obs, but there's no targets19:35
tortoisedoc_what am I missing?19:36
r0kk3rztargets maybe?19:37
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : how do I add them=19:37
tortoisedoc_repos have all bulid flags on?19:37
juhajMalinux: jolla store works, just installed something as a test21:23
Malinuxjuhaj: ah, good to hear. On my Intex it dosen't with What phone do you have? :)21:25
juhajBut its "settings" just stopped working, it used to work, now it doesn't21:26
Malinuxweird. To me it won't start. It starts if I startes it from command line, but directs me to account login page or something21:27
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