Monday, 2019-01-07

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dcalistehello chriadam, I wish you a happy new year. Tomorrow, I'll be at a meeting at the time of our IRC meeting.  Sorry, I won't be able to attend.07:48
chriadamdcaliste: hi, no problem07:50
chriadamI hope you had a nice christmas and new year also07:50
tortoisedoccan someone help me understand how comes my obs gcc project has no build targets (but enable drepositories )08:25
tortoisedocmal : any idea?08:34
maltortoisedoc: you are using a parent target that is not built10:12
malafaik it should be mer:core not mer:devel10:12
tortoisedocmal : ok10:12
tortoisedocso maybe its better to create a fresh project + package10:13
maljust change it here
Malinuxmal: After running commands yesterday, volume buttons don't work and i don't get audio from spotiy and videos and camera is black, but the android-cam I installed, works, so today I decided to convert it to Jolla C. not finished yet with converting process, but work in progress :)15:30
malMalinux: ok15:48
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tortoisedoc_hey ho18:56
tortoisedoc_thanks to mal, I have a build of gcc 4.918:56
tortoisedoc_ can I replace the 4.8 in my target as a drop-in?18:56
r0kk3rzput it in the same project?18:57
attahbleh, installing webcat made it the default browser, and uninstalling it didn't reset to stock... any ideas how to fix?19:39
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : you mean gcc4.8? sorry I was sloppy, I want to replace the 4.8 gcc of the target with the one I just built (4.9)20:56
tortoisedoc_needless to say, *everything* links against libgcc_s20:56
r0kk3rzwell, if you want to build all the things, you'll have to fork all the things20:59
Dakonisn't the libgcc_s compatilble? I know from incompatibilities only from libstdc++21:01
maltortoisedoc_: what exactly are you trying to fix with newer compiler?21:02
tortoisedoc_mal : compiling servo21:02
tortoisedoc_mal : bottom line, can I just force-rpm -e libgcc, gcc et all, install the 4.9 counterparts with --force --nodeps?21:03
maltortoisedoc_: what error do you get when compiling?21:03
tortoisedoc_compiler not supported21:04
tortoisedoc_one sec21:04
tortoisedoc_broke my target21:07
r0kk3rzkeep hitting it until it builds, and then you'll have your answer21:09
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : not the obs one :)21:10
tortoisedoc_mal : the specific error is this21:24
tortoisedoc_ERROR: Only GCC 4.9 or newer is supported (found version 4.8.3).21:24
tortoisedoc_mal : the test which leads up to the error is this one21:25
malI had some issues with our old compiler or libc when building opencv, it needs some odd patch21:27
tortoisedoc_i could try to patch the check script, true21:29
tortoisedoc_though that would be quite darign21:29
attah[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ xdg-settings get default-web-browser22:04
attahwhich: no sailfish-browser in (./invoker -s --type=browser -G /usr/bin)22:04
tortoisedoc_attah :did the xdg-settings run the which?22:09
attah[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ xdg-settings set default-web-browser sailfish-browser.desktop22:10
attahxdg-settings: $BROWSER is set and can't be changed with xdg-settings22:10
attah[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ echo $BROWSER22:10
attahinvoker -s --type=browser -G /usr/bin/sailfish-browser22:10
attahdevel-su  update-desktop-database22:11
attahxdg-settings get default-web-browser22:12
attahwhich: no sailfish-browser in (./invoker -s --type=browser -G /usr/bin)22:12
attahfound said file, removed it, updated, and it's still the handler22:14
tortoisedoc_well this means that xdg-settings things sailfish-browser is the default browser22:19
tortoisedoc_attah : do you have sfos browser installed?22:19
attahof course i do :)22:20
tortoisedoc_reinstall it+22:20
attahwell, it thinks the exec string there is the handler... but since it doesn't contain "sailfish-browser" in the whatever many first chars it falls back to something i don't have22:23
attahwon't i lose history and stuff?22:23
tortoisedoc_attah : true, you might22:25
tortoisedoc_the question is, where is the ./invoker etc coming from22:25
tortoisedoc_as in which .desktop entry22:25
attahthat exec22:25
tortoisedoc_of which .desktop :)22:26
tortoisedoc_so it's resolving the right item22:26
tortoisedoc_unfortunately, it doesnt understand the exe22:27
tortoisedoc_I guess due to the invoker22:27
attahbut truncating it, and then doing some ridiculous check22:27
* tortoisedoc_ goes to check on sfos22:27
attahi should be in bed now :/22:27
attahthanks for helping, perhaps i'll come back to whine tomorrow22:28
tortoisedoc_have you tried xdg-query22:28
tortoisedoc_(it might have the same issue)22:28
tortoisedoc_ah here we go22:29
tortoisedoc_attah your exec is fault22:29
tortoisedoc_mines is22:29
tortoisedoc_Exec=invoker -s --type=browser -G /usr/bin/sailfish-browser %U22:30
attahmine too22:30
tortoisedoc_aah ok22:30
tortoisedoc_now I got what you meant with the "many first chars")22:30
tortoisedoc_its late22:30
tortoisedoc_xdg has been a mess on MER since day one fwiw22:31
tortoisedoc_back in the quickbar days I had to fight with it quite alot22:31
tortoisedoc_its badly cluttered22:31
tortoisedoc_then again, you could say xdg is a mess everywhere :D22:31
tortoisedoc_but also MER drops the lca tool on top of it22:32
tortoisedoc_AND libcontentaction22:32
tortoisedoc_AND exposes it to qml22:32
attahi unset my $BROWSER, which lets me run the set command22:32
tortoisedoc_solved? :)22:32
attahyes, but will it survive reboot?22:32
attahwell, i don't see why not22:33
tortoisedoc_xdg-settings writes to mime settings iirc22:33
attahso if i have the same issue with truncation, at least it should fall back to the right .desktop now i guess22:33
attahxdg-settings get default-web-browser22:34
attahwhich: no sailfish-browser in (./invoker -s --type=browser -G /usr/bin)22:34
attahexactly as i thought22:34
tortoisedoc_schrödringer's xdg22:34
tortoisedoc_it works, but it doesnt22:34
tortoisedoc_now its time to go to sleep22:34
attahi'm just happy this is on a real os and not some arbitrarily walled garden22:35

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