Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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tortoisedocso about sfossdk07:39
tortoisedocand the mer platform sdk specifically07:39
tortoisedocit seems the mer chroot configures the i486 target to rely on a cross-compiled gcc (located under /srv/mer/toolings/../opt/../gcc/..-meego-something dir)07:40
tortoisedocthe 4.9gcc package I build however, does not build the meego-gcc as such (i.e. filenames are different, as well as install locations)07:41
tortoisedoc^ this one07:41
tortoisedocmy guess : i need to build the cross-compiler for i486 and install that in the mer chroot07:41
tortoisedoclbt : is that correct?07:41
coderustortoisedoc: in mer tooling chroot. tooling tar is usually just cross packages10:09
svartoyggreetings. i try to get SailfishX on my XperiaXA2. for that i need to unlock the bootloader. unfortunatelly the option is greyed out in the android developer options.10:41
svartoygthe description is a little bit ambiguous, because it says on the other hand i need to request a key for that. so i tried at https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/get-started/unlock-bootloader/ , but the /wonderful/ website doesn't let me push the "Submit" button, even if i give my acknowledgements.10:41
svartoygany ideas?10:41
svartoyg(i looked in the service menu: unlocking should be possible)10:42
abransonsvartoyg: did you enter the IMEI in the line above the acknowledgements bit? it doesn't look much like a text field10:43
abransonit's best to follow this: https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/get-started/unlock-bootloader/how-to-unlock-bootloader/#bootloader_guide10:43
leszeksvartoyg: have you seen my video for installing sailfish on the xa2. Basically everything necessary is shown there10:45
tortoisedoccoderus : thanks; i replaced all the possible gcc's around (in all the targets & toolings) but stil sb2 points to the 4.810:45
svartoygabranson: oh, indeed! i didn't see it10:50
svartoygthx :)10:50
abransonyou're welcome. good luck!10:50
svartoygleszek: i'll take a look10:56
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tortoisedocabranson : ping, any new info on the sb2 pr?10:56
tortoisedocsorry to ping you for it, actually wanted to ask you who is the guy in charge of the sdk?10:57
martyone_tortoisedoc: the patch looks good to us, but I cannot tell you promtly when exactly would it be merged. Something may depend on the broken behavior so we will need to choose a suitable time for merging this.11:06
tortoisedocmartyone_ thanks for the update, can I ask you questions about MER sdk too / are you familiar with it?11:07
martyone_yes you can (I might be slow at answerring - in a meeting right now)11:08
tortoisedocmartyone_ thanks again, no problem. I was mainly wondering about upgrading the gcc from 4.8 to 4.9 into the sb2; I have basically replaced all the gcc's in the chroot (all I found under /srv/mer, that is);11:10
tortoisedocbut the compiler used in the sb2 target is then the i486-meego-something11:11
tortoisedocwhich seems to come from /opt under some tooling repo iirc (not  in front of it now)11:11
tortoisedocmartyone_ : it seems obvious to me the gcc in question is not the one built with the "normal" gcc package, or am I mistaken?11:15
martyone_tortoisedoc: the process of bootstrapping is normally handled at the CI side and I rarely touch that directly - are you trying to build the newer gcc yourself?11:20
tortoisedocmartyone_ actually I have gcc built already on obs, im trying to upgrade (by force-replacing) the one in the sb211:21
tortoisedocthe problem stems from the fact that sb2 hard-"links" the /usr/bin/gcc in the sb2 to the i486-meego-... one, and not one of the 10 in the chroot (under /srv/mer, that is)11:21
svartoyg_afkwtf? oem unlocking can't be activated if google hadn't have a connection first? unbelievable11:22
svartoyg_afk*haven't had11:23
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martyone_tortoisedoc: where can I found the binaries? I will try it11:27
tortoisedocmartyone_ https://build.merproject.org/package/binaries/home:tortoisedoc/gcc?repository=latest_i48611:40
svartoyghmm, why does the flashing tool for SailfishX needs root access to my system?11:41
leszeksvartoyg: it needs root to write to the device11:42
svartoygthat's strange. i didn't need root access for unlocking the boot loader11:44
svartoygok, that's not exactly a writing process11:45
martyone_tortoisedoc: I will check and ping you then (tomorrow most likely)11:48
tortoisedocmartyone_ wow thanks :)11:48
martyone_let's see :)11:49
svartoygok, so i successfully install SailfishOS 3 on my Xperia XA2. which possibilities do i have to install software? is there a package manager, which doesn't require any account?12:49
malstoreman in the community app manager12:50
leszeksvartoyg: see my youtube playslist with dozens of videos and tutorials around SailfishOS. Also how to get software. Just replace warehouse with storeman :)12:54
svartoygah, thx, mal & leszek. looking now13:08
svartoyghmm, trying to install the warehouse-rpm from openrepos.net, spawns a notification telling me, that there was a problem with the installation. unfortunatelly i can't see the concrete reason13:26
svartoygoh, i guess it's incompatible with OS313:28
maldon't use warehouse, use storeman13:29
malsvartoyg: ^13:30
svartoygmal: same problem :)13:33
leszeksvartoyg: run devel-su pkcon refresh in a terminal. Maybe you simply have outdated packagelist. Usually it should do this on a regular base on its own. But if you have it too old currently it can make sense to run it manually. Otherwise pastebin the error somewhere13:38
svartoyghave to install a terminal application first to do that13:39
leszeksvartoyg: activating the developer mode installs a terminal application13:41
r0kk3rzyeah enable developer mode, you have also enabled third party sources right?13:41
svartoygthird party apps are enabled13:41
svartoygin order to activate developer mode i need to add my jolla account :)13:42
svartoygi will do that, but it's a pity that it's necessary13:42
leszekwait a second storeman also has a refresh option13:42
leszekactually it should auto refresh on start13:43
svartoygmaybe. but i can't install it13:43
leszekat least it does for me. Otherwise go to installed applications and it should allow you to refresh the repo list. It just takes a while and the top half transparent indicator for pulley menus is blinking as long as it is refreshing13:44
tadzikstoreman is acting up for me too after the update to spooncorpse13:53
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storm-ahoy sailors! have a small issue after installing a few apps on xperia xa2, after clicking share on a picture or contact card, sharing screen is blank, anyone have any ideeas?19:18
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tortoisedoc_martyone_ : it seems the compiler is installed in the sb2, but with a different name i486-meego-linux-gcc /et all20:56
tortoisedoc_martyone_ : I think it could still be good to know how to upgrade the gcc in the sb2 properly (and if there's instructions for that somewhere)20:57
tortoisedoc_now all I need is to replace the include files :D21:15
tortoisedoc_one more problem21:26
tortoisedoc_in sb221:26
tortoisedoc_ol : might be the patch for remove is not complete21:26
tortoisedoc_darn this is a tricky one21:31
tortoisedoc_ol : here's the error https://pastebin.com/gaPz9VQc21:40
tortoisedoc_ol : the file in question (/usr/lib/python2.7/multiprocessing/synchronize.py ) exists, but errno is set to 221:42
tortoisedoc_i believe there is something about read-only files in sb221:42
tortoisedoc_(Related to errno 2)21:42
oltortoisedoc_ (IRC): I see Python stack trace, but I don't see error message in your previous link.21:45
tortoisedoc_ol : error condition can be generated from something like this : https://pastebin.com/k89AeZAh sb2, i486 target21:46
tortoisedoc_run with python <yourfilename>.py21:47
olAnd what is error message?21:48
tortoisedoc_ol : at bash level ?21:48
tortoisedoc_errno 221:48
tortoisedoc_no such file or dir21:48
olWhat file?21:48
tortoisedoc_good question :)21:49
olPublish complete stack trace with error message.21:49
tortoisedoc_vanilla strace is blind to file21:49
tortoisedoc_ill try with -f21:49
olCan you copy-paste error message?21:50
ol<freenode_tor "ol : here's the error https://pa"> No, this is not error. This is stack trace. What is the error?21:51
tortoisedoc_ol : sorry I dont follow22:03
olYou copy-pasted only stack trace. Where is error message?22:04
tortoisedoc_ol : here 's the execution from bash + error (and some debug logs added by me in the _multiprocess lib)22:04
tortoisedoc_its messy22:04
tortoisedoc_apparently the multiprocess implements a lib-dynload for semaphores22:05
tortoisedoc_I had seen this whilst running llvm tests too22:05
tortoisedoc_but I hoped I could avoid it22:05
olThe first stack trace from Python. It lacks error mrssage. You forgot to copy it.22:05
tortoisedoc_apparently not22:05
tortoisedoc_ol : Its errno 222:06
tortoisedoc_not found22:06
tortoisedoc_(even in the first stack trace)22:06
olCopy-paste it.22:06
olDoes Python say "ol : Its errno 2"?22:06
tortoisedoc_ol : no it says this22:08
olAnd why do you think it's related to a known problem with missing flag of remove() gate?22:10
tortoisedoc_i dont think that22:11
tortoisedoc_it was my hope22:11
tortoisedoc_but in reality it seems to be more complex22:11
olI said many times that multithreading under sb2 is fragile and produces race conditions.22:13
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