Wednesday, 2019-01-09

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MalinuxI must have forgotten how, as I previously had it working. How do do I make andorid apps access the /home/nemo folder?11:11
leszekMalinux: add a link to android_storage to /home/nemo maybe11:21
leszekso something like ln -s /home/nemo /home/nemo/android_storage/mySailfishNemoHome11:21
Malinuxleszek: that could work. I'll try11:24
Malinuxleszek: It's present it self as a file in the android app, and not a folder, so I can't access in. In cli I can see the /home/nemo folder if I run ls -lha /home/nemo/android_storage/mySailfishNemoHome/ in the shell I can see the content of /home/nemo11:28
Malinuxtried to reboot, but still shows up as a file in android app (instagram) :)11:37
leszekhmm... so symbolic linking is not working. Interesting11:40
tortoisedocol : it seems we are back at the /dev/sem issue on sb211:43
Malinuxleszek: yeah, that's a litte weird :)11:45
Malinuxanother strange thing, I think. When I try the android share plugin and share to instagram from the gallery, I get a message saying unable to load image and then Instagram crash11:47
MalinuxMight I have permission issues? After all, I rsynced the entire home-folder back from the backup after I factory reseted the device and then converted it to jolla, and upgraded to
leszekMalinux: might be11:54
MalinuxI stopped alien dalvik, and then tried to start google play store (version 7.3.25) and this is my ouput from journalctl --follow : google playstore don't start and some other apps don't start as well, and some starts halfish and so on.14:30
malwhich device?14:31
Malinuxjolla-c converted aquafish14:31
malalso I have no idea if/how google play store works in alien14:31
MalinuxI belive the issues might have started after I reinstalled android support in jolla store to get audio to work in spotify14:31
Malinuxthis is a workaround to get it to work with alien dalvik and it does works:
Malinuxso I don't know why I can't start it by now14:34
oltortoisedoc (IRC): The problem is in libpthread library. To create a semaphore, sem_open() creates a temporary file with randonm name in "/dev/shm" and then renames it to a name that contains semaphore name in "/dev/shm" using link() and unlink(). The problem is that sem_open() creates the temporary file using private glibc function __libc_open() that is not replaced with a wrapper by libsb2 and therefore its arguments are not replaced by libsb2 file mapping. And15:34
olthen it uses public link() / unlink() that are replaced by libsb2.15:34
tortoisedoc_martyone_ : any success with the sb2?16:17
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martyone_tortoisedoc: I am sorry I wasn't able to look into it today. Hopefully tomorrow18:01
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Guest59305I suggest to use Yalp instead of play store and services because of privacy violation. Google services collect private data for further processing.19:58
juhajMalinux: Play store..? Does it do anything useful in salifish? It used to be able to install and update software but that was disabled by google requiring "authorised" devices only in May 2017 or so.21:18
Malinuxjuhaj: yeah, if you do this: however, I can switch to yalp-store. My biggest concern at the moment is "my" app for public transport tickets "ruter reise" is difficult to start. After multiple attempts it does, but that's not a good thing if there is ticket control :)21:41
juhajAh, that, but then I need to dig out a two-year-old store and associated Services .(21:43
Malinuxjuhaj: yeah :/ Not an optimal solution. Yalp store is an okey alternative, I think. Now it supports to batch-upgrade apps who needs updates, so you don't have to do it manually for all of them21:45
Malinuxdo you use google settings? After this weird behavoiour started, it dosen't display anything, but a white page21:46
juhajYea, I've used Yalp ever since. Unfortunately a few apps have started to insist they're upgraded lest they won't run at all (in-app feature) but the new versions require Android > 4.421:46
juhajNo, I don't21:46
Malinuxok, so maybe it's safe to remove that as well, and skip the entire google play "shit"21:46
MalinuxAh, I haven't run into that problem, yet. Fortunatly all the important apps I need from android don't require versions > 4.421:47
MalinuxI am thinking of buying a XA2, but if the dalvik for XA2 is not supporting android versions > 4.4 I am not sure if I can continue using SailfishOS for my main-phone.21:50
juhajI think the rumour has it XA2 will have 8.022:08
juhajWifey just got a XA2 Ultra but I think we'll leave Android on that but I might go for XA2 without ultra22:09
oljuhaj (IRC): Just be aware that XA2 (not Plus or Ultra) has flawed double-SIM support: second SIM card shares a slot with microSD card, so you can't use misroSD if you need second SIM card, and the phone has just 32G of internal storage.23:22

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