Thursday, 2019-01-10

Malinuxjuhaj: I have investigated a little and the app for tickets, just starts very slowly, and I think I can live with that.00:27
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tortoisedocmartyone_ : there's also apparently an issue with systemv sems in sb208:02
martyonemore concretely?08:03
martyonetortoisedoc: so regarding gcc upgrade, you need to also build and install 4.9 version of cross-i486-gcc and related packages Similarly for other archs.08:16
martyoneafter that you will need to run sb2-init in the root directory of the target, using the arguments found in ~/.scratchbox2/<target>/sb2.config08:19
martyonecheck sb2-init usage in /usr/bin/sdk-manage for more details08:20
sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community #mer-meeting <- /join this channel in 10mins08:50
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tortoisedocmartyone_ : awesome, thanks09:12
tortoisedocmartyone_ : the path mapping of systemv semaphores (created under /dev/shm) is somehow not working properly09:12
tortoisedocthe semaphores are created but not correctly linked to the counterpart created by sb2 under the session's tmp dir09:13
tortoisedoccause apparently unliking the sb2 counterpart from /tmp does not release the sem under /dev/shm09:13
ViGetortoisedoc: the community irc meeting is going on in #mer-meeting, please join as you have asked questions...09:13
tortoisedocViGe : thanks09:32
Thaodanshould I use Qt.labs.settings or a nemo plugin for qml settings?13:24
LjochtHi! Two days ago I update Jolla to, but now I have problems with openrepos. I have error "File ./drpms/geoclue-provider-here-0.0.17-1.2.4.jolla blah blah" not found on medium
Ljochtwhat's a problem14:39
leszekLjocht: out of date repo list. Refresh it via terminal command: devel-su pkcon refresh14:53
M4rtinK_phone_anyone else getting 403 for the XA2 free trial image ?18:28
dannysantoshi sailfishers. Would like to know if you can install f-droid apps on community sailfish os?18:51
dannysantosthank you18:51
tadzikthere is no android support on community sailfish, so not really :/18:51
dannysantosare there any replacement of google maps in the sailfish app store?18:52
tadzikwell, Pure Maps is a decent mapping/navigation native app, but I wouldn't say it compares to google maps in terms of polish and feature set18:53
tadzikHere Maps goes pretty close imo, but that's an android app again18:53
dannysantosI know Maps18:54
dannysantosso Maps doesn't work on sailfish community os, is that what you said?18:54
tadzikwhat is Maps?18:54
dannysantosMaps is a f-droid app similiar to google maps18:55
tadzikhm, I've never used that18:55
dannysantoswhat did you mean by " Here Maps goes pretty close imo, but that's an android app again"18:55
tadzikI think it is quite similar to google maps in terms of quality, but it's an android app so you need the paid sailfish to be able to use it18:56
tadzikas there is no android support on the community sailfish18:56
dannysantosI love the UI, would like to ditch android spying, but the price tag for sailfish X is too high for me18:57
tadzikah :/18:57
dannysantosand still I have no proof that sailfish is not spying on me since it is closed source project18:58
tadzikwell, you either pay with your € or with your privacy these days18:58
tadzikfair enough, yeah18:59
dannysantosyes, I know this sad truth18:59
tadzikbut I'd rather give money to a company that makes money selling products, rather that one that makes money selling people effectively18:59
dannysantosthe team could make the project open source so that it is transparent and can be proofed to be privacy friendly19:01
dannysantossince proprietary stuff seem to be the place where spying can happen undetected19:02
dannysantosmy opinion, maybe wont be of much value to some, but I believe my thinking is reasanobly well grounded19:03
tadzikyeah, the users would sure love that, but the shareholders not so much: and they are the ones paying jolla's bills19:04
dannysantospeople main cause of ditching android is gonna be about spying, so that may be your biggest market niche19:05
tadzikthe problem is, it's hard to make money giving stuff away for free19:05
dannysantosI know19:05
tadzikand people who pay jolla's staff see open sourcing things as giving away their assets19:05
dannysantoswas meego bought by you jolla or its shareholders?19:06
tadzikI don't think anyone bought meego19:06
dannysantoswell, that way shareholders shouldn't have much saying since joola source base was given for free, not by shareholders money19:07
dannysantosthe way I see it is that sailfish will died and be forgotten as another great project that people would love to use19:08
dannysantosthat none will know about in the future19:09
tadzikheh, if it dies I think people will still praise it years after, having forgotten about it's flaws and shortcomings :P Just like with maemo and meego19:09
dannysantoswell, if it dies your team won't receive any money19:10
dannysantosso it would be a sad thing, been the cause a stubburness of not being open source19:10
dannysantossince open source would make claims of privacy into proof of privacy19:11
dannysantosand the sailfish team would be able to appeal to the "ditch android because of spying, I have a better alternative" market share19:12
dannysantosand for what I saw, sailfish is really a better alternative19:12
dannysantosthe UI is so beautiful that that is what people love19:13
tadzikit's not my team, I'm not part of jolla ;)19:14
dannysantosalright tadzik :D19:14
dannysantoswell, I believe that the team should listen to this arguments19:15
dannysantosmaybe some will read it (been too optimistic)19:15
tadzikwell the team doesn't get to make all the decisions, unfortunately19:16
dannysantosis it possible for a project to die, and then end up being open-sourced?19:17
tadzikI'm sure they mean the best though :)19:17
tadzikeh, when has that ever happened? :)19:17
dannysantosyes, I believe too. it shows on their project the good efforts19:17
dannysantosdon't know, maybe unix, not really sure19:18
dannysantosmoney really is the root of all evil. On a fair world this project would shine19:20
dannysantosbeing so focus on money makes some really good things die19:21
dannysantosnot that sailfish is dead, but it should be more alive19:21
tadzikI hope that the purism phone will force some action out of jolla eventually19:22
tadzikthings have seemed quite... asleep for quite a while19:22
dannysantoswhat is purism phone?19:22
tadzikthey're trying to make a phone where you have full control of the hardware and they're making the OS fully opensource:
tadzikI'll believe it when I see it, but it at least looks promising19:23
dannysantoslibrem 5 has a huge price tag19:25
dannysantosnot for the middle class and below19:26
tadzikwell, it's a huge undertaking and will probably not sell all that many units, it needs to balance itself out somehow19:26
dannysantosgoshhh, why do the proprietary phones rule so much!? I'm a bit sad19:27
dannysantosI want to believe there is an end to the android tracking your position and spying your conversations19:28
tadzikthere is: stop using android :P Easier said than done though19:29
tadzikyou kind of have to become a technological amish and choose to use inferior stuff19:29
dannysantosyes, if only I lived in a place where all the people would do that and didn't focus so much on their cyber identities19:30
dannysantosthen it would be much easier19:30
dannysantosstill I believe in the advantages of technology19:31
dannysantosjust don't like the tracking spying part of that (which is a part that can be removed)19:31
dannysantosbeen removed would be fine for me19:32
dannysantosI would ramble on irc :D19:32
dannysantosI wouldn't ramble on irc :D19:33
tadzikisn't that the fun in life? :P19:33
dannysantosthats what I meant19:33
dannysantostadzik, your funny.... but no its not fun being to watch closely your guard19:34
tadzikit's a constant struggle19:35
dannysantosyes, since roman empire that power is been the main focus of human mind19:36
dannysantoshave you ever hear latin??19:36
tadziknothing more than one sentence every now and then, no19:37
dannysantosto me, it truly sounds like I want to seek more power language19:37
dannysantosnot like sanskrit19:37
dannysantoswhich for me its beautiful19:37
dannysantosand italian is also beautiful for me, oddly enough19:38
dannysantosnew motto of the place that I want to live... gather up, mediate and use crypto-currency to not fuck up what we have19:39
dannysantoseveryone should have their necessities meet and with the time that we have we can dedicate to building free (non spying) creative stuff19:41
dannysantosto sum up my rambling, open source sailfish os and keep it up for generations ;)19:43
dannysantoshearing the non-bold stakeholders will only sink the ship19:45
dannysantossorry guys, I'm right but got too carried away19:47
dannysantoswill shut up now19:47

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