Friday, 2019-01-11

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Krikkeis it possible to compile custom kernel for sailfish?14:55
r0kk3rzof course15:49
caitlinsad to see the latest SF3 update lost the ability to do line out again... overjoyed to simply reinstall the rpms i was gifted last time and have it start working again after a reboot17:48
pketojusa: was that line out fix not included? ^17:58
caitlinjusa, that was it. I wanted to send another 'thank you' for fixing it for me, you've no idea what it means to me18:13
r0kk3rzhmm, my jolla c appears to have lost the ability to ringtone18:16
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unrestgood evening21:12
unresti have a new xperia xa2 and i was under the assumption that the paid version of sailfish x would fully support it21:13
unrestnow, after i bought the phone, i think i found out that only the trial version supports the hardware21:13
unrestam i right in my assumption that the paid version of sailfish x doesn't support the xa2?21:13
rinigusunrest: paid version for xa2 is still not released, but should arrive at some point.21:14
unrest"at some point" like the latest duke nukem?21:15
rinigusno clue :)21:15
unrestdang :/21:15
svartoyg_afkunrest: the trial version works very well, i say. isn't Alien Dalvik the only real difference?22:05
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fauliHello everybody22:22
fauliMy Jolla C died from low battery, and now is in a bootloop.  It fails to go into recovery mode, it shows the Jolla logo and the Sailfish OS logo and stops the bootlop.  Nonetheless, it is not accessible neither from Windows nor from Linux, only an Android boot loader device shows up in Windows.22:24
malhow long have you tried to keep it in wall charger, I have had on other devices issue that if battery is too low it is in bootloop until slowly the battery gets enough charge to get out of the bootloop22:25
fauliNot for long, but I have it in "recovery mode" and try to charge it in the wall charger.  It keept rebooting the first time I plugged the charger in, without any button push by me.22:26
malyes, it tries to go to charging mode if you plug the usb cable22:27
malsometimes even that fails if battery is too low22:27
faulimal: The battery is acting strange anyway, as I had 35% about 10 minutes before and when I checked my phone it immediately switched off due to dying battery.22:28
faulimal: Any timeframe yet for Android support on Sailfish X on XA devices?  I am thinking about replacing my device soonish.22:29
olI had the same problem with my Jolla-1: battery so low after not using it that it can't boot. Also, it was already not bootable after botched upgrade.22:39
malol: it might still be recoverable, but bad battery is not nice22:39
olI fixed boot problem with this inexpensive charger:
olThen I fixed botched uprade problem using recovery mode.22:40
malok, good22:40
olDisclaimer: I'm not affiliated with charger's vendor and I'm not advertising it. It did its job, but I'm pretty sure that there are many other chargers as good as this one.22:42
fauliIt is in bootloop even if it is only connected to charger cable.22:42
malyes, that happens, it will usually recover after some time22:43
malprobably any charger that feeds enough current can fix it22:43
olHmm... Link to the charger seems not working anymore. Product discontinued?22:45
fauliol: Very likely, lifetime of these products is short-22:46
olAnyway, keywords to search for: "universal cell phone battery charger".22:47

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