Saturday, 2019-01-12

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tortoisedocol : you were talking about tmpfs being mounted into /tmp; was this in the chroot or in sb2?07:01
svartoyggreetings. i've got a Sandisk-SD-Card in my Xperias XA2 card slot, but SFOS3 doesn't use it. i made a diff on "ls /dev" without and with the SD-Card in the slot and saw that it adds "mmcblk1" and "mmcblk1p1", so i guess the partition to mount is "mmcblk1p1". when i try that, it says "unknown filesystem type 'exfat'".08:47
svartoygi think that's fine and i just need to format the card to a supported filesystem now. i just wanted to ask for a confirmation, that i'm on the right way.08:47
mpolThere was quite a big discussion 5 years ago about support for exfat. There are patents by Microsoft, that would need to be paid. IIRC it was decided to only support free/libre filesystems09:01
mpolFAT would be a good way to format I think09:01
svartoygmpol: since i'll probably only use the card through the phone, could i also use a filesystem like ext4 (being more native to SFOS, i think)?09:05
mpolI would think so yes, but I never tried. I don't know how well it is integrated09:06
svartoygk. formatted it to ext4 and now it is mounted and recognized by SFOS. nemo doesn't have write permissions yet, but i guess i can fix that somehow09:17
rinigusExt4 works quite well on sd card. Just make the folders you need as root and change their owner to Nemo. Maybe there is some way, but I don't know if09:37
Dakonyou can IIRC also change the whole filesystem to nemo once it is mounted so nemo can create all folders it needs10:18
svartoygrinigus: Dakon: i've set the owner of the mount point to nemo now. that seems to do it10:29
rinigussvartoyg: check if it works after reboot10:30
svartoygit did. i was worried too, that it won't10:32
svartoygguess the better solution would be to add an entry to /etc/fstab10:32
malabout exfat, there seems to be a fuse-exfat package in openrepos, I haven't tried if it works10:33
fauliHello verybody10:56
fauliYesterday I have been already here because of my bootloop on my Jolla after a failing battery.  Meanwhile I was able to activate the recovery mode.  There I performed a file system check, we corrected some inode errors, but it does not get my out of the bootlop.  Anymore ideas of things I could perform on the shell?10:58
fauliLike checking for battery state..10:59
svartoygfauli: hmm, reflashing Sailfish OS?11:00
malit's laos possible to enable persistent journal log which could tell if there is something failing during boot, or is the issue still low charge11:01
malalso it should be possible to check charge from commandline from path /sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8038-core/pm8921-charger/power_supply/battery/capacity not sure if that is possible in recovery though11:03
faulimal: Actually I have no idea, it bootlops without battery only charge might not be the problem.11:03
malfauli: no battery?11:03
malwhat do you mean?11:03
faulimal: I plug in the USB cable and it starts to boot.11:06
malfauli: but what did you mean by "without battery"?11:09
faulimal: The battery is not in, just energy from the USB cable.11:11
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malfauli: afaik battery is needed to be able to boot the device11:16
attahHmmm, how would i go about adding C++ to an *existing* QML app?11:22
attahDoes it need converting to a c++ entrypoint, or can i add single components?11:23
oltortoisedoc (IRC): I was talking about /tmp in sb2 session to be mapped to temporary directory inside session root.11:26
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albertuxHi, all. After battery replacement on my XperiaX, battery drain from 100% to 0% in 4-5 hours. Sony Customer service says: HW it's ok. Anyone have this problem?13:11
leszekalbertux: any process eating up battery?13:13
leszekmaybe the battery or controller is telling lies and says it is 100% where in reality it isn't13:13
albertuxleszek: Salilfish on device, maybe yes, there are no other way!13:14
leszekalbertux: check with crest if there is an app eating the CPU. If it isn't try charging until the LED blinks which indicates that it really is fully charged.13:14
albertuxterminal go in auto when is 3%13:14
leszekthats is normal13:15
albertuxcrest in the jolla store?13:16
albertuxit is normal?13:20
albertuxother processes 0---->0.2%13:21
leszekalbertux: try the pulley menu to show all processes13:21
leszekotherwise yeah it looks normal to e13:22
albertuxfound /usr/bin/contactsd  -----> 54% :-O13:25
leszekhmm... interesting13:29
albertuxusr/lib/buteo-plugins-qt5 -----> 97% now what is appened?  :-O13:30
r0kk3rzwhat contacts syncing do you have?13:32
albertuxr0kk3rz: gmail and nextcloud13:42
albertuxbefore changing battery the drain was ok (two days normal use)13:43
albertuxwith the same settings...13:43
albertuxthe telephone body is warm during discharging (also when screen is blank/off... contactsd guilty?13:54
r0kk3rzyeah if something is smashing the cpu like that, it'll get quite hot13:54
r0kk3rzi have seen the contacts syncing get stuck in a loop like that before13:54
albertuxsuggest an hw reset?13:55
r0kk3rzthats a bit extreme13:55
albertuxok :)13:55
malanything in journalctl?14:00
albertuxIn a few moment contactsd raise to 75% to minimum 52%14:13
faulimal: /sys/devices/platform/msm_ssbi.0/pm8038-core/pm8921-charger/power_supply/battery/capacity is not available here on my Jolla C.  Only /sys/devices/soc.0/qpnp-linear-charger-f4bcc200/power_supply/battery/capacity14:17
faulimal: It has a content of 0.  status is "Charging", health is "good"14:17
faulimal: current is "0"14:17
malfeodoran: so did you put the battery back now?14:19
albertuxmy battery is monitored by battery log, and healt is good too...14:19
maloops wrong highlight14:20
faulimal: Yes, and there is also /sys/devices/qpnp-vm-bms-f4bcc600/power_supply/bms/14:21
faulimal: The battery_type hints to the real battery "qrd_skue_4v35_2500mah". I am not sure how to interpret the files in this sys directory.  status here is also "Charging"14:23
malwhat do current_now and voltage_now have?14:24
malit's very odd that capacity would be 014:24
malunless those values are not properly updated14:25
faulimal: bms has current_now "0", voltage_now not available, battery has current_now "0" and voltage_now "4348131"14:31
malnot sure if battery status is supposed to work in recovery14:35
faulihard to tell14:36
faulimal: Another thing...if I want to locate the home directory for any backup purposes....where the heck is it?14:37
fauliI cannot find it14:37
malI have never used sailfish recovery myself14:37
malbtw, how did you go to recovery mode, maybe I can have a look on my device14:38
faulimal: It is different for Jolla 1.14:39
faulimal: Where should the home directory be located, I used "find|grep home" in root and the /rootfs/home/ directory is empty...same when searching for android_storage14:40
malfauli: I have jolla c also14:42
malfauli: it seems having capacity 0 and also current_now 0 is normal in recovery14:43
malfauli: about backing up data via recovery
faulimal: Is there any use contacting Jolla support?  Ok, thanks14:45
malfauli: so what exactly happened to your device, it stopped working randomly? not during update or anything?14:46
malfauli: backup is probably a good idea anyway before you try anything else14:47
faulimal: Phone shut down telling me it had low battery and then I could not revive it again.  Bootloop.14:52
faulimal: Data seem to be fine.14:53
malhow long did you keep it in wall charger?14:54
faulimal: 3 to 4 hours14:55
malhmm, odd14:56
malhow does the boot loop look like, does the led light up14:56
faulimal: The LED lights up, showing the SailfishOS and Jolla logo, then it restarts twice quickly after another before going to a longer restart try.14:57
maldoes it do the same without usb cable14:58
malhas the battery worked fine before?15:00
faulimal: Yes, the battery initiates the same cycle.  The battery has worked, but drain has been sometimes a bit weird.15:01
malfauli: just to be sure, you are trying with battery in and usb connected?15:03
faulimal: Correct.15:03
attahOh how i did not miss object oriented programming15:17
svartoygattah: hm?15:19
svartoyg(i don't like OOP either, but the connect to SFOS?)15:20
attahI found myself having to inherit from QAbstractListModel jsut to make a simple listview with more than one simple property per item15:25
attah(populated from c++)15:26
attahWhining here because i hope i'm wrong...15:27
svartoyghmm, can't tell. haven't started yet developing anything for SFOS15:29
r0kk3rznope thats pretty much the way to do it16:49
unresti just tried sailfish. it's too toy-ey for my taste19:19
unrestnot orderly enough19:19
unreststrangely, i only heard "oh its so great" until now..19:20
svartoygunrest: can you please explain a little closer?19:31
unrestit looks and feels like pure eyecandy19:35
unrestand handles19:35
svartoygunrest: which system do you use normally?19:37
unrestand archlinux19:38
svartoygi see19:39
svartoygwell, i guess you alude to the whole handling concept (gestures, menues, etc).19:41
unrestand colours, sounds etc19:41
unrestthe fact that running applications are "cards"19:41
svartoygnaah, these are easy to change19:41
unrestand all the clutter19:41
svartoygnot sure but i think you can replace many standard apps/views with alternatives19:42
svartoygand customize a lot of stuff19:42
svartoygit's a RedHat Linux in the end19:43
svartoyg(more or less)19:43
unrestjust like macos is just a freebsd19:43
svartoygi see what you mean19:43
unrestthe interface makes and breaks things19:43
svartoyghaven't tried LineageOS yet. i will, if i'm not satisfied with SFOS. though currently i'm quite happy19:46
svartoyghave been a CyanogenMod user for the last 4 years19:46
svartoygthe thing about Cyanogen and Lineage: they are still Android with many of its flaws19:47
svartoygadmitted: not the most severe flaws19:48
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Krikker0kk3rz: ok, so I just want to disable CONFIG_PREEMPT, any guide somewhere?20:44
unrestsvartoyg_afk, if i may recommend you to try lineageos with microg and yalp store, instead of gapps21:15
r0kk3rzKrikke: what device?21:21
mpolunrest: a different ambience doesn't resolve it for you? I very much prefer the Carbon Black ambience, it is really quiet on my phone :)  All the sounds are turned off as well21:50

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