Sunday, 2019-01-13

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Krikker0kk3rz: xperia x or jolla c08:46
Krikkejust wanna try if it impacts a specific android ap08:46
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attahBlaaarrgh... how do i force update of the .desktop for my app?12:45
attahI'm converting from pure QML to a C++ mix12:45
r0kk3rzit should update with the new rpm12:46
attahnvm.. it's not just updates12:46
attahit's pebkac12:46
attahjust need to find what i did(n't)12:47
attahediting the .desktop in the project is correct? or is that an artifact from something else?12:48
r0kk3rzjust edit the .desktop file12:52
attahDoes anyone feel like contributing a technical French translation of "Refresh"?12:58
attahGoogle's suggestion of RafraƮchir is is so stereotypically French i don't quite trust it12:59
tortoisedocol: hello, remember the discussion we had about /dev/shm and /tmp?13:12
tortoisedocit seems this doesnt work in the mersdk sb213:12
tortoisedoc(for i486 target at least)13:15
tortoisedocmartyone_ : ping13:22
tortoisedocmartyone: ping13:22
mpolattah: on a WordPress project I looked at, by 2 translators (French and Canadian) both times Refresh was translated as RafraƮchir, so it seems fine14:47
attahDamnit, i went for Actualiser14:48
mpolaha, your choice :)14:48
attahCommit message: "Pretend i know French."14:49
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