Tuesday, 2019-01-15

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r0kk3rzwell, you must be in a non euro timezone :P08:42
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tortoisedocol : what was the main thought behind mounting /tmp into tmpfs?15:16
tortoisedoc(sb2 temp that is15:16
deicide-euro time zone just night owl15:52
oltortoisedoc (IRC): What's the problem with "/tmp"?16:19
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tortoisedocol : on both mer sdk sb2 i486 and vm the sem_open does not work18:13
tortoisedocI am not sure if it's due to the fact the sem.* file is created with a glibc-internal function (__libc_open), which is not hooked by sb218:14
tortoisedocI was wondering if the /tmp as tmpfs (as /dev/shm is tmpfs too) was supposed to be an attempt at a fix for this18:15
tortoisedocbut probably not18:15
tortoisedocif this is the case, a patch for glibc might be necessary to migrate from __libc_open to standard open18:16
oltortoisedoc (IRC): The problem is because of __libc_open().18:18
tortoisedocol : so a patch is the only solution18:21
tortoisedocthis glibc is a complete spaghetti accident18:22
olMultiple solutions are possible.18:22
tortoisedocol : tell me more18:22
tortoisedocthe tmpfs is a bit problematic, cause it would need to be mounted in the session dir18:22
olA gate for __libc_open() can br added to sb2. However, I'm not sure whether this can lead to unintended vonsequences in other parts of glibc.18:23
tortoisedocol : hmm im afraid the __libc_open alias is marked as hidden18:24
tortoisedocis that not limiting sb2's hooking capabilities?18:24
tortoisedocand yes you are right, its a private function so quite sensible to tweak with18:24
olA gate for sem_open() can be added ro sb2 that does essentially the same as sem_open() in libpthread. This can also be problematic in case inner workings of libpthread change in new version of glibc (or non-glibc libc used inside sb2 session).18:25
ol__libc_open() can't be hidden because it's called from other libraries. Its private nature is just hinted by "__" in the beginning of its name, but this hint is for humans, not dynamic linker.18:26
tortoisedocol : aha ok (glibc n00b here btw918:27
tortoisedocol : is patching glibc in the specific sem_open a big deal?18:27
olYes, it is.18:28
olYou can't patch glibc.18:28
tortoisedoci beg your pardon, I can't but someone else has done it, and quite proficently? :D18:28
olNobody will use patched glibc.18:28
tortoisedocok thats a better argument18:29
tortoisedocso maybe __libc_open gate is a good starting point18:29
olAlthough dangerous one.18:29
tortoisedocnothing is simple, indeed18:29
tortoisedocol : how can I "easily" add such a gate?18:31
olYou have to find all occurences where __libc_oprn() is used in all libraries that are parts of glibc suite (except libc itself) and make sure that all these uses are safe to be replaced by a gate. And then you have to pray that no new uses of __libc_open() are introduced in the future.18:32
olThere is no easy way.18:32
tortoisedocI'd like to get back to that glibc patching18:33
tortoisedocol : https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/glibc18:33
tortoisedocthere's plenty of patches on the glibc in mer it seems18:33
tortoisedoci'd assume from this that patching glibc is a "supported" way of working in mer?18:33
olAsk those who maintain this package.18:35
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tortoisedocol : yes I think that's the best idea18:35
olYou'd better patch your application than patching entire glibc.18:36
tortoisedocmy application is unpatchable :(18:37
tortoisedocbut yes I agree that would be the right approach in the "normal" universe;18:37
tortoisedocexcept I don't know what I could do in order to make POSIX sem_open to work from my user-land application18:38
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taixzoIs there a patch to re-enable closing apps by swiping down from the top, in sfos 3?20:10
maltaixzo: swipe near the sides from top20:17
taixzooh, cool!20:19
yorambhhello all22:06
yorambhanybody in mood to help with problem22:07
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