Wednesday, 2019-01-16

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abransonyorambh: in case you check the chat logs, it's best to ask your question first then check later to see if anyone's answered it. no-one can know if they can help you from what you've asked.08:15
tortoisedocmal : do you happen to have someone who could tell me how to succesfully build the 2.19 eglibcs?20:23
tortoisedocanyone here could help with building glibc ver 2.19?22:24
Dakontortoisedoc: what's the issue?22:41
tortoisedocDakon : /srv/mer/toolings/SailfishOS-latest/opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-ld:/home/tone/checkouts/git/glibc2.25/eglibc-2.19/build-i686-linuxnptl/ syntax error22:42
Dakonanything in that line or before that looks suspicious?22:44
DakonI wonder if you can't just switch to a newer version anyway, eglibc is dead22:44
tortoisedocMer will switch at some point22:45
tortoisedocfor now I need this version22:45
tortoisedocthe file in question is generated22:45
tortoisedocbut finding from where is like searching a needle in a haystack22:45
Dakonmaybe it needs specific binutils?22:47
DakonI'll go to bed, good luck22:47
tortoisedocholy crap22:55
tortoisedocVersion        : 2.25-1.2.7.jolla22:55
tortoisedocbinutils is already bumped22:55
tortoisedocDakon was right22:55
tortoisedocwhere's the binutils on mer?23:26
tortoisedocfor the sake of my searching abilities, I can't seem able to find it23:26

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