Thursday, 2019-01-17

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kimmoli ?04:53
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tortoisedocreally the 2.25 binutils have been there since 1.1.201408:12
tortoisedoci guess my only hope is to downgrade binutils and see if eglibc builds against them..08:13
* tortoisedoc descends intto 2014 targets08:21
tortoisedocgrumble no tooling for the target in question08:26
tortoisedocmal : Can I override the tooling check from sdk-assistant?08:29
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svartoyg_afksaluton. i noticed that the display is not waking up on certain events like getting a call or a ringing alarm. is there something i can do about it?18:25
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tortoisedoc -> MER-2000 bug!19:19
tortoisedocsome music for this :
tortoisedocmal : feel free to comment on the commit message :)19:20
kimmolimissing component? [glibc] from commit message?19:21
kimmoliand the MER#2000 is at end of commit message19:21
tortoisedockimmoli : well spotted!19:24
malMER#2000, not MER-200019:28
kimmolishould it be . Fixes MER#2000 ?19:28
maland . before it so "[glibc] Replace __libc_open with standard open to make it hookable by sb2. MER#2000"19:28
malyes, fixes is a good addition also19:29
maltortoisedoc: I still don't quite understand what you are doing19:29
kimmolifirst we fix the commit msg... :)19:29
malI mean not just that PR but in general19:30
kimmolii did drop out ages ago19:32
tortoisedocmal : these are all problems I have been finding in my attempt to build servo19:37
tortoisedocnow i have to re-install X crap again in my new target ;_;19:38
malwhat are you building and why?19:39
tortoisedocmal : servo19:39
tortoisedocand why not19:39
malwhat is that?19:39
kimmoli ?19:41
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