Friday, 2019-01-18

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tortoisedoc huh07:18
tortoisedocno symlinkat on sb2's python?07:18
tortoisedocokay one step forward, now stuck here :
tortoisedocc0derus : i heard something about SFOSRUS focussing on chromium-based ui08:40
tortoisedocdo you have by chance any skia adaptation for SFOS?08:40
tortoisedoccoderus : ^08:40
coderustortoisedoc: i heard only there is some independent developer trying to create webengine browser for sfosrus as an alternative, dont know if there any success09:22
coderustortoisedoc: and i dont know what is skia and how it is used?09:22
Dakoncould become better once there is Qt 5.9, no? using QtWebEngine module it should be relatively easy09:29
leszekQt 5.9 is needed indeed. Jolla is hopefully working on QtWebEngine and a browser solution09:32
tadzik lol necunos09:41
tadzik"Necunos NC_1 and NE_1 has launched, and can be ordered with Maemo Leste preinstalled - at least, if we manage to have a usable image by the time they plan to ship the devices" -- so they just randomly promise that third party OSes will run on their miraclephone, eh? Cool09:42
M4rtinKIIRC they planed to replace the QtWebkit based webview in the mail client with WebEngine, right ?09:52
tortoisedoccoderus : skia is chrome's ui framework iirc11:50
tortoisedocmartyone_ : thanks for your commet on the glibc pr12:47
tortoisedocmartyone_ : you mentioned the PR on the sb2 I made some weeks ago LGTY, is there anything else necessary to get it merged?12:47
martyone_tortoisedoc: I wasn't able to return to it yet :( checking right now when would be good time to merge it13:08
tortoisedocmartyone_ : awesome _b13:35
henkhi, I’m just upgrading my jolla 1 phone and noticed kinda funny behaviour: battery was down to 42%.  sailfish told me "battery low, connect to charger" and would not let me start the download.  I attached the charger, started the download, but need to go out now.  so I disconnect the phone from the charger and not only does it not stop the download itself for the same reason it wouldn’t let me start13:54
henkthe download, there is also no way for me to interrupt the download.  that seems not quite thought through :D13:54
henkbut at least now the phone keeps my pocket warm, which feels nice so far …13:56
tadzikI'd reboot it :P14:01
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