Saturday, 2019-01-19

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MarzannaI'm updating SailfishOS on my Xperia X but it's stuck :( What should I do? I don't want to brick it…18:36
MarzannaOh, this is an old bug
LordeKumamon[m]good luck18:43
malMarzanna: stuck how?18:46
Marzannamal, on SailfishOS updating screen. I pressed power button then it displayed SailfishOS could not be updated blah blah and rebooted18:47
MarzannaYay! Successfully updated!18:56
LordeKumamon[m]how do I enable this repo <> on my Sailfish X?19:05
LordeKumamon[m]I'm using Sailfish OS for the first time for a couple of days, so real n00b so far19:06
MarzannaLordeKumamon[m], are you using Storeman?19:15
LordeKumamon[m]"Jolla store"19:16
MarzannaLordeKumamon[m], install storeman first
LordeKumamon[m]storeman works19:21
LordeKumamon[m]which keyboard do you guys use?19:22
attahAre there alternatives?19:36
LordeKumamon[m]oh I can't use okboad: "Only original Jolla phone is supported at the moment"19:36
LordeKumamon[m]that's why it doesn't work =(19:37
LordeKumamon[m]attah: it seems there is if you have an original Jolla device19:41
attahI have all the devices... but seem to have missed that particular part :)19:41
M4rtinKLordeKumamon[m], okboard seems to work fine on my Xperia X with Sailfish X19:54
LordeKumamon[m]M4rtinK: would you mind to lay out the steps you did to enable it?19:54
LordeKumamon[m]did you need to reboot the device?19:54
LordeKumamon[m]which version did you install?19:54
M4rtinKlooks like I had it installed for a while already19:56
M4rtinKIIRC disabled it due to not working back during the initial Sailfish OS 3 upgrade19:56
M4rtinKseems to have been fixed since19:56
LordeKumamon[m]oh I have predective text input enabled20:00
LordeKumamon[m]maybe if I disable it, okboard will suceed20:00
LordeKumamon[m]no it doesn't20:06
LordeKumamon[m]tried to turn on and off a few times. now it seems it works.20:09
attahInvoking another app from your own app, is that a thing?21:04
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