Saturday, 2019-01-26

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MarzannaDoes anyone use any cryptocurrency wallet on SailfishOS?11:05
juhajOuch, looks like the camera on my AquaFish (now JollaC) died: every program trying to use it ends up segfaulting12:05
juhajWhat's the best way to copy everything to another identical phone? Including installed Android software and jolla login etc?12:06
abransonjuhaj: all the android apps and data are in /home/.android/data12:07
juhajabranson: So a simple rsync should do the trick?12:07
juhajNo, it won't, as packages from jolla/warehoues are in /usr and other places like that.12:08
juhaj(restore on the other phone, that is)12:08
PeperJohnnyiirc you can sync them somehow with warehouse(openrepos)12:09
PeperJohnnyconfig and stuff is in home/nemo12:09
PeperJohnnyBut i haven't tried it12:10
juhajPeperJohnny: Cannot find anything like that in there, excepy some rsync scripts, but I can do that without more software, just need to make sure I rsync enough stuff12:20
juhajprobably just rsync -vau --exclude=/proc --exclude=/sys --exclude=/media --exclude=/dev --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/tmp /* root@newphone:/12:29
pketoI doubt how well that will work out12:39
juhajpketo: What's wrong with that? Did I miss an --exclude? (I already noticed I missed /.config and /.fs-resized13:05
pketoI don't know if there is anything wrong with it, it just looks a bit questionable to me :)13:09
pketoI would probably rsync just home, and get list of repos and packages and reinstall those on the new device13:11
juhajHmm... that sounds like a viable alternative if the backup&restore has sorted out the jolla accounts and stuff. How do I get those lists from pkcon, though?13:37
juhajOr, wait a sec, it should be ok to rsync /etc, right? Does that not contain the repo lists? Then I just need package lists :)13:38
maljuhaj: I think "rpm -qa" should list installed packages14:06
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attahAny good and preferably approved way of invoking other apps?16:51
Dakoneveryone suggesting system() will be shot :P16:58
olBe a real man! Use fork(); exec();17:23
kimmoli proc.startDetached("/usr/bin/xdg-open" , QStringList() << desktopFilename);17:30
attahthat looks fancy, will try after dinner :)17:31
attahand yet again i can't get away with pure qml... i need to stop being so naive17:32
kimmolidepends what you want to start, certain ones can be started over dbus17:36
r0kk3rzi think theres also an open function for qml18:02
attahYes, well.. i'm interacting with Jupii for DLNA playback18:02
attahThere is Qt.openUrlExternally18:03
attahI added jupii:// to its desktop file sp it worked with xdg-open, but no luck with Qt.openUrlExternally18:04
attahanyway... it should perhaps take care of fronting itself18:04
kimmolitry resolve and .deskotp file?18:04
attahresolve?  Qt.resolvedUrl?18:06
kimmolionClicked: Qt.openUrlExternally(Qt.resolvedUrl("/usr/share/applications/someapp.desktop"))18:09
attahoh, that's what you meant18:09
attahi was being stupid and still thinking "jupii://"18:10
r0kk3rzit would seem better to use something like dlna:// if its a dlna resource you want to open18:11
attahBut could the app itself "front" itself?18:11
r0kk3rzattah: what do you mean front itself?18:11
attahmaximize or whatever18:11
attah"open" from being backgrounded18:11
attahplease do tell18:12
r0kk3rzhmm, did i put that into sirensong, i dont remember18:12
r0kk3rziirc theres a qmlapp->activatewindow or something18:13
attahthanks, will look in to that18:14
kimmolibut that is not good design if it happens without user interaction18:15
kimmolicalling .desktop will bring the app to front. unless there is X-Nemo-Single-Instance=no18:17
kimmolitested with gistpud
attahGood, thanks... no, it's supposed to be "in response" to telling it to play something18:26
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