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inkyhey, sailfish people. i was trying to install sdk on my gentoo system, but apparently the installer needs, which means i need to recompile mesa with wayland support. which i don't want.08:37
inkyso i thought of installing qt-devel packages and be able to develop right on the device. i need to just use qt.08:37
inkyi don't know which packages exactly do i need to install to get qt devel part installed, and i did08:38
inkypkcon install qt5-qtgui-devel qt5-qtcore-devel08:38
Krikkejust install ubuntu in a vm and comile there?08:38
inkywhich brought be to Fatal error: This request will break your system!08:38
inkyyes, i was thinking that's an option too.08:39
inkyanother option is to not use scratchbox, but virtualbox with sailfish? or arm qemu? is that possible?08:39
KrikkeI don't have experience with that08:39
inkybut i would be happy if it were possible to just scp sources to device and compile there.08:40
Krikkecan recommend kvm and qemu though08:40
inkyis there a sailfish image which i may try to run in qemu?08:40
KrikkeI don't know08:40
inkyand is there virtualbox vdi image for sailfish?08:41
Krikkedon't know08:47
inkythank you.08:48
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rinigusinky: sdk should work on gentoo without problems, using it as well. you will need app-emulation/virtualbox-bin installed and then get sdk and follow the install instructions09:03
inkythe installer needs to run. thus i need to recompile mesa with wayland flag, and it changes my system. i am reluctant to do so.09:07
inkythe perfect solution would be to compile on device.09:07
inkyam i right that it is not realistic?09:07
inkyi did that under maemo.09:07
rinigusstrange, I don't think it needs libwayland-egl, unless they changed something with the last SDK. we are talking about , right?09:20
rinigusre compile on device: depends on the project, could be slow.09:21
r0kk3rzjust install the platform sdk and compile on that09:23
_inkythat's it, i need a virtual debian or smth to install sdk. eh.09:27
_inkyokay i'll do that. it would be best to compile on device.09:27
r0kk3rzplatform sdk is just a chroot with sb2 in it09:27
r0kk3rzcompiling on device will be slooow09:28
r0kk3rzthere is also OBS09:28
_inkyinstaller depends on which means i need to recompile mesa with wayland support.09:33
_inkyi'll see okay, will install virtual debian.09:33
r0kk3rzplatform sdk09:33
r0kk3rznot app sdk09:33
r0kk3rzthey're different09:33
_inkyi would be ok with slowness09:33
_inkybut when i install qt5-core-devel pkcon says it'll break your device and exits.09:34
_inkynow i am from mobile, but see above i explained.09:34
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Laalfhello! i saw that my device now has okish support for sailfish and i thought about testing it out. one issue i will probably have is that i wont be able to connect my asteroidos watch to my device anymore. which smartwatches work decent with sfos?15:15
r0kk3rzwhich device?15:17
r0kk3rzwe really should have good asteroid support, but the issue has been BLE in the past15:17
Laalfr0kk3rz: i have a oneplus 3. my watch is an lg g watch. ble seems to be an issue with many watches even under aosp15:18
r0kk3rzin general there isnt too much in the way of smartwatch support for sailfish15:21
r0kk3rztheres stuff for the old pebble watches, an app for amazfit bip15:22
r0kk3rzi remember kido working on something for sailfish, but i think BLE really didnt work on the sailfish phone he had15:22
r0kk3rzOP3 might not be so bad15:22
kidor0kk3rz: as far as I can remember, I worked both on the xperia x and the jolla c. none had support for BLE security mechanisms (authentication+encryption) in their kernels which made asteroid watches unusable15:24
Laalfall i want is a watch that can skip songs and show me notifications. bluetooth didnt work on the op3 initially, now they say it works. if i can get my headphones to connect i will test out sfos some more. i wont flash it today i suppose. what pebbles can you recommend?15:24
kidothere are some sailfishos apps using BLE indeed but they do not use the BLE security mechanisms15:24
kidor0kk3rz: interestingly enough, locusf tried "starfish" on another phone, with a newer kernel (I think it was the fairphone) and it would work15:25
kidobut since the two main sailfishos devices (the jolla c and the xperia x) wouldn't support it anyway, I stopped maintaining starfish or investing time in it15:26
Laalfi saw starfish but the repo was kinda empty and i didnt see any binaries. i know that building android apps is a pain so i ignored it15:26
kidoit could be that a community-supported device like the oneplus3 would have support for that. but the audience is so so small that I won't maintain starfish for those couple of users myself15:27
kidostarfish obviously welcomes contributions though, so if anyone has a community-supported device with support for BLE security and want to help with starfish, I'd be glad to accept patches15:28
Laalfkido: thanks for the effort you put into starfish. i am not a developer but if i can compile it(should just be qmake and thats it, no?) i will see if it works and maybe have a deeper look.15:29
kidoLaalf: compiling should be quite straightforward following the usual SFOS app development practics (use the SFOS SDK, open it in Qt Creator and compile from there)15:30
kidobut adding the necessary functionalities might need a bit of development knowledge. you are of course free to play with it but it might need some experience15:30
Laalfkido: ah ok, i thought it would be possible to compile it on the phone itself. i guess nixos has qt creator packaged15:31
kidoyou don't need just qt creator, you need the whole sailfishos SDK. but for that, other people here will most likely be more able to help you than me15:32
Laalfi cannot offer much experience but its not like i am incompatible with writing software. just not my job15:32
Laalfi wouldnt have thought that my newly aquired 1tb sdd would be used for vms but for more anime. well guess i was wrong.15:37
r0kk3rzkido: pretty sure mal backported the bluetooth stack on fp2, so that would be why15:48
kidor0kk3rz: quite likely15:55
r0kk3rzkido: it might be worth revisiting with the XA2, its got a 4.4 kernel at least16:01
r0kk3rzand uses bluebinder for bluetooth drivers16:02
kidooh bluebinder is really interesting16:04
r0kk3rznot sure if they will rework the Xperia X adaptation to use the same base16:04
r0kk3rzits certainly possible, someone might do it16:04
kidoyeah it might be worth trying but I will not buy a XA2 for that16:04
albertuxi have Amazfit bip and I use (when it works) Amazfish from openrepo..16:24
albertuxpairing watch with xperia x i'ts a mess...16:25
albertuxmaybe bluetooth problem from xperia or problem via app-side?16:26
malkido: r0kk3rz yes, fp2 has backported bluetooth stack from kernel version 4.716:34
Laalfalbertux: can you skip songs with it?16:57
Thaodanalbertux: for me it worked fine with the X18:52
Thaodanthe X has a native bluez driver18:52
Thaodanthe XA2 sadly not18:52
Thaodanbluez needs support for newer qualcom adapters18:52
r0kk3rzbluez has the support just fine19:30
r0kk3rzthe old kernels dont19:30
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Thaodanoh ok so the X has a backport?19:57
albertuxThaodan: yes. I mean with is very difficult to pair and connect both watch and xperia. For rmine is necessary try a lot of time, befor pair and connect. (and wait a very long time, up to 5 minutes)20:09
r0kk3rzthats the issue, if the xperia x had a full backported kernel stack from mainline it would be better20:09
r0kk3rzi expect they will go the other way and rebase it on the xa2 adaptation20:10
albertuxr0kk3rz: ok, thanks20:10
Thaodanr0kk3rz: the XA2 has one20:17
Thaodanin the 4.4 and then 4.9 build20:17
Thaodanit also depends on the adapter. I really would like to see a build without bluedroid20:18
r0kk3rzyeah but they're using bluedroid20:19
r0kk3rzyou could easily reconfigure it to use the kernel if you wanted20:19
r0kk3rzprovided the kernel driver works adequately20:19
Thaodannope the userspace part has no support for the adapter20:20
Thaodantried it during porting20:20
r0kk3rzaside from firmware loading the userspace part shouldnt be very adapter specific20:21
r0kk3rzand you can try using patchram_plus20:22
r0kk3rzwhich piggz just had to do because his firmware wasnt loading properly20:23
Thaodanthats the thing that doesn't worked. Bluedroid uses the same kernel side20:23
r0kk3rzbluedroid uses the serial pipe20:25
r0kk3rznot the hci driver20:25
Thaodanthere's hci support for sdm660/sdm63020:28
r0kk3rzbut tbh bluedroid is a fine solution20:29
Thaodanno doubt in that20:57
Thaodanstill no idea why the hci support20:57
Thaodanwhats the difference betweeen serial pipe and hci?20:57
r0kk3rzlooks like a thing that would help21:23
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Laalfwhat can i do when sailfish says that / is read only? i cannot remount it rw either. reboot does not help22:53
Thaodanr0kk3rz: I'd would be great if it did. However bluez needs to load the firmware still23:43

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