Monday, 2019-01-28

fledermausis there any way to debug javascript errors in the sailfish browser?00:23
malLaalf: which device?00:39
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Laalfmal: my phone died.05:01
kimmoliclosest make i can find is "Diel" :)05:18
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Krikkeso if I flash my XA2 with the free thing will I be able to buy the android support later?08:24
ViGeKrikke: yes08:25
Krikkealready unlocked the bootloader08:25
Krikkeand I don't like the android that is installed08:26
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m0hm0hhi, does sailfish OS somehow blacklist devices that are sold outside of 'EU, Norway, Switzerland', or does that geographic limitation only apply to the purchase of the OS software package?15:54
tadzikno, there is no blacklisting16:10
taixzoSo, I'm trying to use qml mediaplayer to play an mp3 file from a URL. If I just pass the url to it as a source, it stutters for about 5 seconds, before smoothing out and playing the rest of the file. This seems to happen even on the fastest network I've tested (260 mbps, fast enough that the entire file should be downloaded even before the stuttering stops)17:09
leszektaixzo: yes this is a gstreamer/qtmultimedia issue. My video player (LLs Video Player) for example waits for the buffer to reach 1 before starting playback to not let it stutter17:11
leszekother players do the same apparently17:11
taixzoI do want to cache the file anyway, so I figured I'd download it via curl (called by a python subprocess) and point the qml mediaplayer at it as soon as the file is over 100 kb. However, mediaplayer seems to only check how long an audio file is when it first starts playing it, so it stops after getting a few seconds in17:12
taixzoleszek: interesting, according to the qml mediaplayer documentation it does not start playing until the buffer reaches 117:12
taixzoI tried listening for mediaplayer.onPlaybackStateChanged and, if the song wasn't over, just play() again, but it jumps back to the beginning. It even jumps to the beginning if I call seek() just after play(). The only way I've found is to throw seek() on a .25 second timeout, which obviously is audible.17:15
leszektaixzo: yeah the documentation seems to be wrong. It was so with gstreamer 0.8 backend. Since gstreamer 1.x backend it starts playback before reaching 1 apparently17:18
taixzois there a way to tell it that the length of an audio file is something other than it is? so it can play a file while it's downloading?17:20
r0kk3rzwhen does it start caching?17:20
taixzor0kk3rz: are you asking me or leszek?17:20
r0kk3rzeither, the answer should be the same :P17:21
r0kk3rzthe cheap way is to delay starting the thing playing17:21
r0kk3rzit would be good to find out where the issue is though17:22
leszektaixzo: you can play the file during downloading. I do this sometimes. Put the video in the downloadmanager and click already on the downloading video it plays just fine17:30
leszekso in theory you could just start downloading every media file to a temporary cache and start immediate playback. That should work fine as long as the internet connection works. Otherwise you need to implement fallbacks yourself17:31
taixzoleszek: but it doesn't work - I start downloading, wait a second, tell the mediaplayer to play and it plays the first five or six seconds and then stops17:33
taixzodespite the fact that by the time it reaches that point, it's gotten far past five seconds downloaded17:34
taixzoif I force it to resume playing from that point (via the timeout+seek trick) it will play for another two minutes or so, then stop.17:41
leszektaixzo: strange it works for me17:46
leszekah it stops after two minutes. That I did not test17:47
taixzoright. it stops as soon as it reaches the end of the data that had been downloaded when you *first* told it to play18:01
taixzothe buffer fix helps, but I'd prefer to download it in a separate file so I can save it as well (unless there's some mediaplayer option I missed that enables that)18:03
attahr0kk3rz,taixzo: I have that exact same issue on my app S'Play... i couldn't really notice a difference between the default and my current "autoLoad: false"20:09
attahand if i actually read what you say.. i could have figured out the solution20:09
attahcombining this with retrying to play when there is a NetworkError will be... fun20:12
attahAny way of triggering loading other than assigning a source? I.e. i want autoLoad=false, but still being able to preload on demand20:31
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wdehoogattah: taixzo: I have buffering problems when playing internet audio streams21:06
attahYeah, this sucks21:06
wdehoogthe qml mediaplayer creates a playbin without buffers21:06
wdehoogI modified gstreamer plugin see
wdehoogmaybe it also works for you21:07
wdehoogor somethig like that21:07
attahbut for regular Joe using my app?21:07
wdehoogtry to see what buffer_size or flags improves your media player21:08
attahLet's say i find a good size, then what?21:08
wdehoogthen complain somewhere21:09
wdehoogthat they should fix the size or allow you to do so easily21:09
* attah screams into the void (read:TJC)21:09
wdehoogMaybe your argument will be stronger if you can show that it can actually work as you want it to21:10
wdehoogbut first see if it helps21:10
wdehooghigh change it does not21:11
r0kk3rzwdehoog: seems reasonable, make a mr on git.merproject.org21:12
attahI'm having horrible problems filling the preload buffer on livestreams... streaming-ish complete files over http are no issue whatsoever21:15
wdehoogr0kk3rz: lets first see if it helps and if so in which cases it helps and it which it does not21:19
attahI seem to need it.. buffering livestreams to 1.0 takes forever21:22
attahsure.. 0.25 reduces the choppyness, but not completely21:22
wdehoogattah: did you give my plugins package a try?21:25
attahno, but i have come to terms with wanting to21:25
attahbut will it work on my XA2? do i need them all?21:26
attahand... armv8el?!21:27
r0kk3rzjust set the variables21:28
attahWait what? I thought that version of the packages *introduced* those variables?21:30
r0kk3rzso it does, i didnt look at the first patch21:31
attahhowever... /var/lib/environment/nemo/60-multimedia.conf has QT_GSTREAMER_PLAYBIN_FLAGS=021:32
wdehoogattah: if you look at the qtmultimedia sources for the mediaplayer you will see you can set the flags but not the buffer_size21:33
wdehoogI also tried to fix that:
attahi suspected as much21:34
wdehoogbu the gst-plugins is simpler to use21:34
wdehoogyou can try them both, if they don't work for you it is easy to remove and use the official packages again21:35
attahI'll try tomorrow when i have some more time21:35
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