Wednesday, 2019-01-30

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iHuskygood morning, someone know when jolla release commercial SailfishOS for Xperia XA 2?11:05
x2sI'd like to know that, too11:06
iHuskyI have money for buy licence but there is no option at now to buy -.- phhh thats look like they don`t want my money11:07
x2siHusky: it's not released yet :(11:07
x2s"Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta."11:09
x2sFrom the official blog11:09
x2sI wonder why they're talking about the XA2, when there's no way yet to get it?11:10
x2sMaybe Beta testers?11:10
r0kk3rzyou can get an image for xa2 already11:11
r0kk3rzits just missing a few things11:11
x2sIs there a wiki page about what's missing?11:12
elros1pvuorela: hi, any chance to merge?
iHuskybut how to get beta test11:25
iHuskyI want have android app support11:25
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attahwdehoog: today i'm having better luck with the gstreamer fixes.. maybe the network was a bit off yesterday... no significant delays anymore, although still only a 50% or so improvement in stuttering20:48
wdehoogattah: hi. 50% of what? Does not sound helpfull. too bad21:04
attahlike 2-3 stutters instead of 4-521:04
attahSo certainly no silver bullet21:05
wdehoogany log when the stutter occurs?21:05
attahAh, yes.. i was supposed to do that21:05
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attahwork turned my brain in to slush, i'll have to get back to taht another day21:06
wdehoogattah: on my phone it was pulse audio yelling about corked thingies21:06
attahugh, now the log is in the invoking terminal and not the journal21:11
wdehoogattah: here is one of my pulseaudio logs:
attahwhat debuglevel?21:13
wdehoogmany vvvvv's21:14
wdehoogattah: I added add -vvvvv to the CONFIG var in /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio (was an advise from a jolla person)21:16
attahthanks for the suggestion, will try another day21:16
caitlinwheee tomorrow is the last day to stop it being a lie.... wheeeeeee22:00
olWaiting for a big announcement at 23:59 EET.22:07
caitlinoh arse, so sorry wrong channel22:14
caitlindon't be provocative in the wrong places :/22:14
caitlinI shall leave out of respect for everyone. apologies22:15

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