Thursday, 2019-01-31

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tortoisedocol : what big announcement?07:36
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Krikkeso when is the launch?15:21
Krikke"Further, the Android app compatibility for Sony Xperia XA2 variants is soon ready to be published and we will start delivering it via Jolla Store at the end of January. The initial version will be a public beta."15:22
Krikkehow many hours?15:22
malKrikke: release notes are already available so soon probably
malalso blog post just appeared
Krikkelol wtf :D15:30
KrikkeI checked like 5 minutes ago :D15:30
Krikkehave to flash my XA2 now15:35
tadzikandroid 8 only for xa2 >:(15:36
r0kk3rzit might come to xperia x with a rebase15:46
r0kk3rzbut fairly sure other devices are out of the picture15:46
olHere it is:
olMore than 6 hours before the deadline.15:49
malnot even last minute :)15:50
Smarwhat, it’s not yet midnight17:00
Teguit is midnight in paces that use UTC+7 timezone :)17:01
Smartrue true17:02
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Krikkeit works19:13
attahlucky you19:16
attahi uninstalled Aliendalvik from the wrong phone as part of trying a reinstall :)19:18
attahHaven't mixed up my phones since i had 2 N9s19:21
Krikkeso how do I log into chrome? can't find20:07
Will-Dogood evening everybody20:11
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svartoyghy, Will-Do20:24
Will-DoI was wondering if you all got sailfix X installed already? I updated but can't seem to find the Android support in the store20:27
Will-DoSo exited that it's finally here!20:28
svartoygafaik SFOS3 is only available yet in the free versio, without alien dalvik20:33
svartoyg* for sailfish x20:33
malsvartoyg: alien dalvik for was released today20:34
malfor xa220:34
svartoygoh, ok20:34
antis_Still waiting for the FP2 version… :)20:37
* vinipsmaker waiting for the Xperia X version21:16
vinipsmakerand sounds good progess 🎉21:16
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