Friday, 2019-02-01

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tortoisedocso no android 8 for sailfishx on xperia?08:47
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Will-Dotortoisedoc: not yet08:49
tortoisedocWill-Do : so SOON(tm) ?08:49
Will-Dotortoisedoc: that I don't know. I just on the blog and together.jolla that they'd apply it for the Xa2's first. Since that's only in beta, I guess the roadmap for Xperia is a bit further down the line08:51
Will-Doany people comming to FOSDEM this weekend?08:52
tortoisedocWill-Do : there was somewhere a post early on which seemed to exclude it a-priori, that's why I wanted to doublecheck08:52
Will-DoI can understand. I'm in no way a devver at Jolla tough, just a very enthousiastic user, so don't take my word as law ;p08:53
Will-Dostill waiting for Android on the Xa2 myself (prob a licensce issue)08:55
coderustortoisedoc: seems need to port sfos on top of android 8 first09:45
tortoisedoccoderus : herpderp, hasnt that been done for XA2 already?09:45
coderustortoisedoc: it has to be done for each device from scratch09:46
tortoisedocwho needs android anyways ;)09:47
tadzika competent web browser on sailfish :|09:48
abransontortoisedoc, coderus: the sony devices are all very similar. now the work's been done for the xa2, it should be fairly straightforward to port it to the x10:08
coderusabranson: but still, it's a task to rebuild everything for device, check everything. one just cant automatically build and release to the wild10:09
abransoncoderus: sure, if it were that simple then it would have been done already. but it shouldn't present many porting difficulties, nor require much development.10:11
coderusabranson: i'll let it for community after releasing new HADK for sfos3 + android 8 :)10:11
abransoncoderus: that would be nice wouldn't it ;)10:13
MalinuxI have this flashing issue, almost: The difference is, I get this message: only, no matter what usb port I use usb2/3 or computer. Tried on bot my laptop and stationary computer, both running Debian 911:53
x2shm. Looks like you should debug the flash.sh11:54
Malinuxx2s: Hod do I run it in debug mode? )11:54
SmarI suppose ”fastboot devices” gives same error?11:54
x2sadd a set -x to the start of it and see what commands are run before the error11:54
MalinuxSmar: no. The output from fastboot devices is:
Malinuxx2s: ok, I will try to do that11:56
Smarwhich XA2 version you have?11:58
Malinuxlooks like it finds the devices actually, but think there are non devices some how?11:58
SmarMalinux: dual sim version?12:00
MalinuxSmar: I have the XA2 pioneer I think it is called, dual sim12:01
Smardid you download dual sim or single sim image?12:01
MalinuxI belive I downloaded for dual sim, but I think I should double check if I actually did12:01
MalinuxI think that's why :p I have donloaded for single sim, It looks :)12:02
Smargood thing they have a safeguard in place ^^;12:02
Malinuxyeah :)12:03
MalinuxI should have waited for today. Think I was too tired and too excited :)12:03
x2sI wonder how different this really is and if a one-image-fits-all wouldn't work, too...12:03
MalinuxDon't know. I wonder if it in the future will be possible to make live-sd for booting a phone to check if it works on a phone before flashing, like live-usb on a computer. I think it's not that easy for phones because of different architectures?12:05
Malinuxokey. I know gonna try with the correct binaries/images :)12:08
Malinuxholy. I think it works now :)12:08
MalinuxIt's performing the flash12:08
M4rtinKMalinux: at least with how recovery mode works on Sailfish X, you are basically injecting the initrd over USB12:09
M4rtinKMalinux: technically the same should work for a full live OS as well, just might take a bit longer to boot (more data to inject over USB)12:10
MalinuxM4rtinK: I see, how would it be to boot a live-session from the sd-card slot?12:10
M4rtinKMalinux: no idea what the bootloader supports on the xperias12:15
M4rtinKMalinux: I guess one can always chainload, but that could be ugly12:16
MalinuxM4rtinK: ok :)12:16
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M4rtinKmobile/embedded stuff just needs to be different12:17
M4rtinKas if regular desktop booting already wasn't a lot of fun12:17
* M4rtinK works on Anaconda, the Fedora & RHEL OS installer, which among other things also sets up the bootloader during the installation run12:17
Malinux:) that's true, but I think it's been better over the years, but I remember it wasn't always stright forward back in the days12:18
Malinuxah, I see12:18
MalinuxI haven't heard of anaconda, I think12:18
Malinux"Flashing completed.12:18
MalinuxRemove the USB cable and bootup the device by pressing powerkey.12:18
Malinuxwhee :D12:18
MalinuxThe message about unlocked bootloader shows. Should the bootloader be closed again after flashing?12:19
malMalinux: it's normal to see that message and it doesn't matter12:23
elros1pvuorela: Hi, I added the answer to xdg-utils. Should I add the same to lipstick? Hope my explanation it's understable and this feature is desirable in sfos.12:55
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Malinuxmal: oki :)13:32
MalinuxWhen I try to add my phone number in an android app, I get a message, saying: "Missing or locked SIM-card Sim card must be available to recive verification code by SMS"13:43
x2sMalinux: you should go and read the blog post about the XA2. There are still some bugs and missing features in the android support13:47
Malinuxx2s: okey :)13:53
ladogais mmcblk0p1 the boot partition on Xperia XA2?17:14
ladogaI just managed to erase it by accident..yay. the phone is completely bricked. No fastboot mode avail.17:18
malladoga: try recovering with emma tool18:38
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depscribeladoga : emma, btw, is here:

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