Monday, 2019-02-04

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TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, setting up a raspi with sailfish end of the week for openhmd testing :)14:39
tortoisedocTheOnlyBouncer : vanilla SFOS?14:50
TheOnlyBouncertortoisedoc, any sailfish, no clue whats available yet14:51
tortoisedocTheOnlyBouncer for vanilla sfos you might want to look at the tablet sfos14:54
tortoisedocotherwise youll have to get the Android HAL working14:54
tortoisedoc(btw iirc  @locusf has done alot of work on a rpi)14:57
TheOnlyBouncerfor testing the external devices i guess it does not matter that much14:57
tortoisedoci guess raspberry has support for android?14:58
TheOnlyBouncerthat as well14:58
* tortoisedoc shrugs14:59
r0kk3rzTheOnlyBouncer: i think locusf updated the sailpi recently actually15:40
r0kk3rzthia stuff is pretty old, i'll ask him if he has an updated build
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, i also have a NanoPi Fire3 lying around with a touchscreen, probably not supported but still :p15:43
r0kk3rzwould be possible with some effort15:47
taixzoI installed the OTA update to on my Xperia X, and now I can't install software, and when launching either FingerTerm or ToeTerm they just hang with a blinking cursor and never load the prompt17:23
taixzois there some way I can debug or am I hosed?17:24
tortoisedoc_pvuorela : about mesa, what's the "with x11" flag?18:31
tortoisedoc_is there a specific way to disable it?18:31
r0kk3rzits a flag, you set it how you want18:34
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : please illuminate my rpm ignorance, you mean in the spec file?18:38
r0kk3rzusually at the top18:40
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : thanks18:50
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pvuorelatortoisedoc: umh, not really familiar with that configuration, but x11 doesn't sound too relevant these days on sailfish context.19:39
antisUpgraded FP2 to Should I also flash Android 7 image afterwards or stay on 18.04 one?19:50
malantis: 18.04 is the correct one to use just like instrucions tell19:55
antisOk, thanks. Rocksolid release as always mal!19:55
malantis: there will always be information if new android base should be flashed19:59
tortoisedoc_seems mesa-llvmpipe needs alot of intel-specific pacakges (libdri etc)20:04
tortoisedoc_but those are not in git?20:04
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : any idea?20:04
r0kk3rzthey must come from somewhere20:05
r0kk3rzwtf you doing now?20:05
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : still the same20:09
tortoisedoc_building servo20:09
tortoisedoc_here we go
r0kk3rzwth you are building mesa for then?20:12
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : servo requires GL headers + libs20:14
tortoisedoc_GL headers are in mesa20:14
tortoisedoc_libGL not20:14
tortoisedoc_(or only if mesa is built with x11 flag)20:15
tortoisedoc_(which it is not)20:15
r0kk3rzsounds pointless then20:15
r0kk3rzyou need GLES support20:15
tortoisedoc_there is GLES support20:16
tortoisedoc_in servo20:16
tortoisedoc_but there is also x1120:16
tortoisedoc_it needs both20:16
tortoisedoc_go figure20:16
tortoisedoc_it has egl but still wants x1120:17
r0kk3rzah so its not configurable in the buils tools?20:17
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : yes it is20:17
r0kk3rzso whats your problem20:17
tortoisedoc_I was exploring the possibility to avoid that and do a "clean" build, but it seems building llvmpipe mesa takes more effort20:17
r0kk3rzyeah dont so that20:18
r0kk3rzjust configure servo for gles20:18
r0kk3rzso you got all that rust junk built then?20:19
tortoisedoc_r0kk3rz : living the rust experience woohoo20:24
tortoisedoc_rust was easy20:24
tortoisedoc_its all the rest attached to this that is a PITA20:24
tortoisedoc_but at least I found two bugs in mer :)20:24
attahServo here we come?20:25
r0kk3rzis it good for anything yet?20:25
tortoisedoc_or servo? servo is not even built20:26
r0kk3rzwell, servo in general20:29
attahI thought it wasn't supposed to be good for anything, essentially ever20:31
tortoisedoc_not yet no20:31
tortoisedoc_lets see what happens on SFOS ;)20:32
attah...mainly provide a playground for rewrites20:32
tortoisedoc_of course the main goal remains quantum20:33
tortoisedoc_servo is like a test bed20:33
tortoisedoc_i.e. if servo can be build, quantum can be build (and maybe eventually perhaps used as web backend)20:34
attahHow useless is the interface *concept* of GeckoView?20:35
r0kk3rzjust continue my fx build20:35
tortoisedoc_attah : i have no idea what that means (yet)20:36
tortoisedoc_but im pretty sure ill realize once this whole turd train is built :D20:36
r0kk3rzkeep rolling that glitter20:37
attahWell, they managed to squeeze Java APIs/bindings onto Gecko.. and they are maintained.. so if the patch can be somewhat well-behaved to interface with Qt instead, it at least sounds like a good base20:38
tortoisedoc_attah : nothing is impossible, right20:40
tortoisedoc_per aspera ad astra! O/20:40
* tortoisedoc_ sighs20:40
tortoisedoc_i mean wtf20:41
tortoisedoc_coding used to be simple c20:41
tortoisedoc_now we have layers on layers, on layers, on layers, behind interfaces20:41
attahYeah :/20:42
attahTBH C++(98) is a well-needed improvement in abstractions, if used sparingly20:43
tortoisedoc_yes sure, C is still imperfect (as is c++)20:44
* attah needs to catch up with the hipster languages (Rust & Go)20:45
tortoisedoc_just no20:45
attahSupposedly i program Erlang for a living20:45
tortoisedoc_qml and qt are beatiful and thats all you need to know :D20:45
tortoisedoc_Erlang wow20:46
tortoisedoc_that's like even more hipsterish20:46
tortoisedoc_isnt erlang like a pre-version of go?20:46
attahSo it counts even "after it was cool"? xD20:46
tortoisedoc_(I have no idea btw)20:46
tortoisedoc_oho it has hot-swapping20:47
attahNot really, but i'd imagine a concept or two was perhaps borrowed, but they are quite different in paradigm20:47
tortoisedoc_thats pretty cool20:47
attahIt is for making long-running systems, so you need that in a controlled way20:48
tortoisedoc_ok interesting; is it used where? Server side? embedded?20:49
attahFor me, an unholy mix of the two20:49
attahbut generally between systems programming and servers i guess20:49
tortoisedoc_stable release : 23 November 2018; 2 months ago20:50
tortoisedoc_wow its fully mantained20:50
tortoisedoc_thought it was dead :D20:51
attahYou bet20:51
attahAnd people are generally very good on keeping up to date in the deployments too20:51
attahApart from hot code loading you can interact in just about any reasonable way with the running system, i.e. call public functions and send messages20:52
tortoisedoc_attah hmm I dont want to sound pessimistic, whats the security aspect like ?20:55
attahWell, you'd need to be local or have the magic cookie to do that... and then it's par for the course i think20:56
attahNot an issue in my application though20:56
tortoisedoc_ok so I guess its mostly on air-gapped systems I guess20:57
attahNot entirely, but the firewalls have firewalls :)20:57
attah@tortoisedoc_: Does it count as blasphemy if i don't think Qt is very pretty? :)21:15
attahThe fact that a QList of QGadget/QObject-derived stuff doesn't constitute a listmodel is just plain dumb21:17
taixzoany idea how to debug a terminal that won't start a prompt?21:18
tortoisedoc_attah : this is a free world after all ;)21:22
taixzoattah: I updated my Xperia X to and now when I try to open FingerTerm (or ToeTerm) it just displays a cursor, no prompt and I can't type anything21:22
attahQML could do with an Elm makeover too21:22
tortoisedoc_QList is not a model iirc cause it's meant to be a list? there's a special class for models?21:22
tortoisedoc_like list has operations which a model doesnt?21:23
taixzoattah: (it also stopped installing packages, which is why I was checking the terminal in the first place)21:23
attahtaixzo: And if you ssh in to the device?21:23
taixzoah, that's a good idea. I'll try that21:23
* tortoisedoc_ googles Elm21:23
attahtortoisedoc_: i'd settle for anything where my listmodel-something can look through to the attribute names of the listed object21:24
tortoisedoc_attah: subclass a "generic" model (if possible)?21:25
attahi did, it sucked21:26
attahor if you mean QAbstractListModel21:26
attahwhy on earth should i have to implement the data() method?21:26
attahor, worse, roleNames()21:27
attah(when my listed thing is a Q_GADGET, with )Q_PROPERTies21:29
tortoisedoc_you lost me at Q_GADGET21:31
attahJust a simpler Q_OBJECT21:31
attahanyway, they *usually* expose their properties from C++ to qml if you tag them like that21:32
attahBut noooo, in a list, get rekt!21:32
tortoisedoc_ah yes21:33
tortoisedoc_its because the Data property is qobject iirc21:33
tortoisedoc_you'd think introspection would kick in21:33
tortoisedoc_but there's probably a bug somewhere :D21:33
tortoisedoc_(or at least that's the explanation i kept telling myself when doing qml)21:34
attahI think someone is being lazy on our expense21:37
tortoisedoc_it wouldnt be the first time :D21:38
attahindeed, but somewhat surprising in such a big and well-maintained project21:38
tortoisedoc_I think Qt is "ugly" for other reasons21:41
attahsuch as?21:41
tortoisedoc_the MOC parser being the first one21:41
tortoisedoc_its like trying to get wings to something which is not meant to fly21:42
attahHow else would one make domain specific (-ish) C++?21:42
tortoisedoc_qt is a c++ "dialect" as such, and tries to emulate objective-c style features21:42
tortoisedoc_im not saying it shouldnt mind me :)21:42
tortoisedoc_im just saying it's ugly :)21:42
tortoisedoc_would probably have been better to go with integrated compiler support no? since it's a dialect anyways21:43
attahSO imo it could spare a tiny bit more ugliness to make list models less of a PITA21:43
tortoisedoc_two uglynesses21:43
attahPerhaps.... but i guess it targets embedding, and then it's kinda out of the question21:44
tortoisedoc_yeah true to that21:44
tortoisedoc_dont get me wrong btw, I think qt is awesome other than that21:44
attah"It's the worst apart from all the other ones"21:45
tortoisedoc_time to bed21:47
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