Tuesday, 2019-02-05

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tortoisedocpvuorela : thanks06:34
tortoisedocpvuorela : is there a script to build the emulator available / key file?08:50
tortoisedocpvuorela : im thinking about repos for the missing packages (dri etc)08:50
pvuorelatortoisedoc: i have no idea on such things :)08:52
tortoisedocpvuorela : hm who could I ask? :)08:53
* tortoisedoc goes to check maintainers08:53
pvuorelamartyone: ^ ?09:01
tortoisedocthanks _b09:01
martyonetortoisedoc: I do not fully follow your question09:03
tortoisedocmartyone : I am trying to build mesa with gl libraries09:03
tortoisedocthat needs x11 dependencies09:03
tortoisedocand dri etc09:03
martyonetortoisedoc: I haven't seen x11 stuff here for years, I have no idea, sorry09:07
tortoisedocmartyone : i thought llvmpipe relies on dri - sorry perhaps I am confused09:08
pvuorelatortoisedoc: just avoid anything with x11?09:29
tortoisedocpvuorela : its a long story, but servo needs both to build09:30
tortoisedoc(egl & x11)09:30
vinipsmakerSFOS forgets my VPN password too much. I don't know why it throws the password away.16:05
vinipsmakermaybe I'll install one of the password managers from the store to solve the problem16:05
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