Thursday, 2019-02-07

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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collab'n'contrib #mer-meeting <- indulge in just under 45min if you may08:17
tortoisedocmartyone : ping, any news on the sb2 merge
tortoisedocits fairly simple?11:56
tortoisedoc(as in one-liner)11:57
tortoisedocmartyone : also, is there a way to "export" a sb2 target?11:57
tortoisedocI have alot of customized work on the one im using to build servo (glibc, sb2, llvm, mesa), and it'd be great to be able to back it up / share it11:58
martyonetortoisedoc: cannot integrate it yet, possibly next week11:58
tortoisedocmartyone : there's also another one which would make my life alot easier, and it's the one on glibc :
martyonetortoisedoc: I would rather ensure I am always able to recreate the target from sources..12:00
tortoisedoc(also a one-liner)12:00
tortoisedocmartyone : of course, it would be meant as a temporary solution for backups12:00
tortoisedocanyways the goal would be to have all the necessary packages built on obs - once they can be built, that is12:01
martyonetortoisedoc: check this
martyonethis as well
martyoneand this
tortoisedocmartyone : this good stuff coming in next week too? :)12:05
martyonebuild it yourself and you have it in next minute :) otherwise next month or two I would say12:06
tortoisedoc:D no biggie, building is piece'o'cake nowadays12:06
tortoisedocim afraid i will have to build xlib properly  in order to get mesa with xlib, in order to fully compile servo btw12:07
tortoisedocthats going to take a while12:07
taixzodoes anyone know how to call libaudioresource from python? (or can help me with using ctypes?)14:10
taixzothis is what I tried:
taixzobut it doesn't work - I think I need some sort of ctyped function callback?14:25
taixzoI got it working. For anyone else interested in using it, here's my wrapper:
taixzonew question: anyone know how to detect the headphones being unplugged?15:56
r0kk3rzi think thats covered by audioresource15:58
taixzoI thought so too, but I don't get a release event when I unplug them15:59
r0kk3rzoh, maybe not then15:59
taixzooh, wait16:03
taixzoit does16:03
taixzoI just need to process a glib mainloop16:03
r0kk3rzhah, yes that helps16:08
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, you got another link to the OpenHMD build you did? writing a article about fosdem16:21
r0kk3rzi need to fix rhe build again, but sure16:22
TheOnlyBouncerah np16:23
TheOnlyBouncercould not get the raspi working so need to see if i have something else somewhere that runs sailfish, unless i know how to fix it...16:23
taixzointeresting. When I play music via gstreamer on these headphones, it cancels part of itself out and doesn't play the vocals - something with joint stereo? But playing via pulseaudio works fine.16:27
TheOnlyBouncertaixzo, normally if it cancels vocals, one of the channels has flipped phase16:28
r0kk3rzTheOnlyBouncer: that should build now16:29
r0kk3rzi have a pi3 somewhere that maybe i can hack around with in a few weeks16:31
TheOnlyBounceri guess i could try the pi3 build when i get one of a friend16:32
TheOnlyBouncermight have less issues then the pi2 one?16:32
r0kk3rzmaybe, that lockscreen issue should be fixable16:33
r0kk3rzbut im not sure what the fix is from that long ago, its much better in later versions16:34
taixzoTheOnlyBouncer: the weird thing is that it happens with these headphones, but not my earbuds of the aux port in my car16:36
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, completely forgot someone made QML bindings already btw!16:54
r0kk3rzoh cool16:59
taixzoTheOnlyBouncer: that's for, what, a Cardboard-style stereo viewer?17:45
TheOnlyBouncertaixzo, VR pipeline on Sailfish, probably not just cardboard style, might be able to also hook up regular HMD's, trying to figure that out17:46
TheOnlyBouncersince i think sailfish probably has hidraw or libusb support of some kind17:46
r0kk3rzregular hmds need proper hardware support though17:47
r0kk3rznot aure iab-otg would cut it17:47
TheOnlyBouncerwell as long as hidraw or libusb is exposed, its fine17:47
r0kk3rzsome devices might have dp output, but rare17:49
TheOnlyBounceri think it is required for android devices to do DP if they do USB-C? due to external display support17:49
r0kk3rzmaybe, that is a thing we can do of a few devices17:50
taixzoI have a nexus 5 which supports SlimPort under android; does that work under SFOS or does it need some sort of library?17:52
r0kk3rzi think there was a lipatick mod for that17:56
mcencorawhere do I get Sailfish X kernel sources?21:00
mcencoraI'd like to compile wireguard kernel module21:00
malmcencora: for xperia x or xa2?21:01
mcencoraxperia x21:01
mcencoraso there is no kernel-headers package available like in every standard linux distro?21:02
maldoesn't seem to be, maybe that would be useful, need to suggest that21:04
mcencoraany tips, howtos for compiling it?21:06
r0kk3rzmcencora: use the go implementation21:07
malmcencora: hmm, it seems xperia x might not even have module support enabled in kernel21:07
mcencorar0kk3rz: that's what I have now, but I wanted to try going the recommended way21:08
r0kk3rzkernel might be a bit old for that21:08
mcencora3.10 seems to be minimal req for wireguard21:08
mcencoraso I download kernel sources, cross-compiler, get kernel config from running phone, apply wireguard patch and should be ready to compilation, right?21:21
mcencorawhat branch of kernel source should i check out?21:36
malmcencora: the one I linked hybris-sony-aosp-6.0.1_r80-2017090221:38
malmcencora: sailfish kernel is not that simple, it's easy to build the actual kernel but the ramdisk is included in the image so you need to manually replace it, there are tools for that21:39
mcencorano idea what are you talking about with this ramdisk21:45
mcencoracould you share some more details? is there some wiki explaining this whole kernel compilation process for sailfish?21:46
malmcencora: normally it's build along with the patched android libraries we need for sailfish22:01

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