Friday, 2019-02-08

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taixzoHow can I make an app rearrange itself in landscape orientation?16:39
coderustaixzo: change orientation17:49
taixzoI mean, I have a Column under a SilicaListView in portrait orienation, but I want them to be side by side in landscape17:59
kimmolithats not listview though18:06
taixzocan I anchor to something like container.height/3 ? container.verticalCenter is too high18:15
taixzoI tried doing that literally but it stops working after I change the height of container18:18
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TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, so.. got a rpi3 and its doing exactly the same...18:47
TheOnlyBouncerso quite producable18:47
taixzoI have a qml Slider which has its value set to track a variable. If I drag it and let go, though, it stops tracking that variable, even if I change the variable. Any way I can make it go back to tracking it?18:57
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Blizzzevening! Trying to flash my XA2, but in step 4.5 [1] i have only a green light flashing, never blue, as often as i try (tried usb 2 and 3 ports). Is this something known, or what could be done about that? [1]
svartoygBlizzz: iirc you have to keep pressing the volume up button while turning the device on19:18
Blizzzsvartoyg: yes, that's what i am doing19:58
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taixzowoo got seeking working for Spotify!21:31
r0kk3rzseaking fuckyeah?21:32
uncle_zebbiztaixzo: What? On the android app?22:46
uncle_zebbizor cutespot?22:46
r0kk3rzits some librespot library i think22:47
uncle_zebbizOh, it's the rust library22:49
uncle_zebbizThe one the cutespot dev didn't feel like working with22:49
r0kk3rzyeah who would22:55
taixzoI didn't like it, but I did anyway23:52
taixzoI wrote a python module to interact with it, to hopefully spare anyone else the pain23:52
olI need urgent help! I have some PDF files and I need to make them seen by Android app's file chooser.23:54
taixzostop android support and start it again23:54
taixzosometimes it stops indexing files but it does it again when you restart it23:54
olI've put these files into "android_storage/Download". Didn't work. Then I've put these files into "android_storage/Documents". Didn't work as well. Then into "android_storage/Pictures". No success as well.23:58
olReboot didn't help.23:58
taixzoput them in your normal Downloads folder23:59

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