Tuesday, 2019-02-12

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r0kk3rzfeodoran: pyotherside is the main python thing people use on sailfish08:30
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Mister_Magisterlbt: there is nothing i can do if obs is running out of ram?10:41
feodoranr0kk3rz: I know about pyotherside and how to use it, but that was not my question.13:41
feodoranAs far as I know pyotherside does not allow you to use any further Qt modules on the Python side, only in QML. For example with PyQt5 I can do something like `import PyQt5.QtMultimedia`13:44
feodoranalso it appears a bit weird to me, to call Python from the QML side, instead of starting a Python program and load the QML from there, like it is done in C++13:52
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uncle_zebbizI was so happy when I saw a new native Spotify app22:47
uncle_zebbizthen I found out it has the same fucking bug as the web player does22:48
uncle_zebbizNothing that can be done since it use the webapi22:48
uncle_zebbizSay you have a playlist with 1000 tracks22:49
uncle_zebbizYou start the track with index 40022:50
uncle_zebbizThen only songs with index 400-500 will play before it start to play the rest of the list22:50
uncle_zebbizOh, looks like they've fixed that22:55
uncle_zebbizThen why does Hutspot do that?22:55

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