Wednesday, 2019-02-13

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ajnieminennative spotify app?07:54
ajnieminenCuteSpot was awesome, but now it is dead07:56
uncle_zebbizajnieminen: It's called HutSpot
uncle_zebbizIt only acts as a controller, not a player10:23
uncle_zebbizbut using librespot as a backend you can use those two in combination as a complete player10:23
ajnieminenok, thanks10:30
ajnieminenuncle_zebbiz: damn, it works :D10:37
uncle_zebbizajnieminen: Yeah, but not great :/11:59
Krikkeis it possible to sign up for early access releases only for a certain device?12:09
leszekKrikke: I don't think this is possible12:15
ajnieminenuncle_zebbiz: what problems have you had?12:20
uncle_zebbizIt only loads 110 tracks out of 1600+ from one of my playlists12:20
uncle_zebbizI can only start a playlist from the beginning, and with the current shuffle implementation, it will only shuffle between the first 100 tracks before moving on to the rest of the list12:22
Krikkemaybe I can turn it on and just not install the updates before they are officially released12:22
ajniemineni mostly listen by albums, so that might not be problem for me12:23
ajnieminenbut sounds annoying12:23
uncle_zebbizIt's also not very stable12:23
uncle_zebbizHad librespot crash on my 3 times when trying it out yesterday12:24
Krikkeor maybe I just create a new account and use that for early access12:24
uncle_zebbizYou can't start playing a playlist from selected track, if you do then it only plays that track and won't continue with the rest of the playlist12:25
ajnieminendamn. I hope that it is not back to mp3s12:26
uncle_zebbizajnieminen: I know that I'm not the typical user, I think it works well for others12:27
uncle_zebbizBut it's open source, so I could write some issue reports and try to fix them on my own :)12:27
ajnieminenis it a hack or does spotify provide apis?12:28
uncle_zebbizI think it's using the webapi, don't know how supported it is12:28
uncle_zebbizI don't  think it's the api that spotify is currently using for their webplayer though12:31
uncle_zebbizBut I may be wrong12:31
uncle_zebbizI should find where the dev hangs out so I can ask him stuff, I might use the app in a weird way :P12:33
uncle_zebbizajnieminen: If you find any weird behaviour, let me know :)12:34
ajnieminenwill do12:46
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uncle_zebbizis actually used or is it only something projects try out before going back to their irc channel?13:08
cybetteuncle_zebbiz: depends on the project, for manageiq we're very active on gitter, and the irc channel is all but dead13:29
wdehooguncle_zebbiz: on your hutspot issues. I'd like to look into it. (I am not online often but I read the logs)18:49
wdehoogplaying a playlist starting at a specifi track that I can understood but the other issue with long playlist I did not18:49
wdehoogplease elaborate or file an issue on github18:50
uncle_zebbizwdehoog: Hello :)18:50
uncle_zebbizBefore I do that, where are librespot and hutspot files stored?18:50
uncle_zebbizI wanna clear the cache and everything, and do a fresh reinstall18:51
uncle_zebbizSince it's only one list that has problems18:51
wdehoogread the docs. sorry. I don't remember.18:51
wdehooguncle_zebbiz: maybe this helps. at the bottom of the setting page:
uncle_zebbizI found in ~/.cache/wdehoog/, ~/.cache/librespot/, ~/.config/wdehoog/ and ~/.local/share/wdehoog/18:54
uncle_zebbizDo you know of any other places?18:54
wdehoognot that I know of18:55
wdehooglibrespot dir is set in it's service file18:56
wdehoogthe rest is standard sailfish qml stuff I think18:56
uncle_zebbizwdehoog: Anyway, I remember an issue with the old spotify webplayer, where if you scrolled too quickly in a large playlist, it would stop loading tracks and you had to restart the browser18:56
uncle_zebbizInitially it looked like the same issue, but I couldn't recreate it with any other list18:57
uncle_zebbizI have deleted all the files I can find that's related to both hutspot and librespot and the same thing happened18:57
wdehooguncle_zebbiz: web-api allows max 50 per request. hutspot loads the next set if you reach the end. I never use such long lists so not much tested18:58
uncle_zebbizwdehoog: I will do some more testing when I get the time for it18:58
uncle_zebbizuntil then, thank you SO MUCH for doing this!18:58
uncle_zebbizReally, it's great :)18:58
wdehoogthanks. so the other issue is that when you play a track from a playlist you expect it to be played in the context of the playlist. isn't it?18:59
uncle_zebbizYes, that's correct18:59
uncle_zebbizatm it only play that track and nothing else19:00
wdehoogok. I am working on it.19:00
wdehoogany ideas on making usage more clear is appreciated. UI design is so hard.19:01
uncle_zebbizA feature I'm missing is the play queue19:01
uncle_zebbizor am I missing something?19:01
wdehoogthere is none.19:01
wdehoogin the web-api I mean19:01
uncle_zebbizI'm guessing it's a limitation in librespot, since you can queue stuff in the webplayer19:03
uncle_zebbizwdehoog: I can write down some thoughts on the UI later, when I've used it some more, then I'll get back to you :)19:03
wdehooglots of people are requesting it. for example
wdehooghutspot sometimes uses a special playlist (Hutspot Queue) to mimic some sort of play queue19:04
uncle_zebbizI see19:05
uncle_zebbizwdehoog: One thing I thought about was headset control19:08
uncle_zebbizI have a headset with only one button, when I press it it toggles play/pause19:08
uncle_zebbizThat's awesome19:08
uncle_zebbizIs it possible to add something like double press or long press for next track?19:09
uncle_zebbizMaybe I should sumbit an issue instead :)19:09
wdehooguncle_zebbiz: no idea. new issue is best19:11
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