Saturday, 2019-02-16

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attahSo i have a video player component, and i'm using req_display_blanking_pause, and it seems to be working a little bit too well... or rather, i don't really know what to hook req_display_cancel_blanking_pause to13:35
attahComponent.onDestruction: is apparently too late13:36
attahNvm, i'm just being stupid... i'll just put the dbus object somewhere else13:42
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attahI'm pretty sure i saw a multiline string in QML somewhere on, or similar... but i can't seem to find it, or any good info on how to do that17:13
kimmolirichtext and <br> ?18:06
attahI went for just "+"-ing together the "lines", and ending some of them with \n, and delegating some to wrap18:17
attahNow if only i could figure out why my page doesn't scroll18:18
attahThis one:
kimmoliadd to flickable contentHeight: settingsColumn.height19:18
kimmoliand move pageheader inside column19:19
attahHmm, that didn't help19:22
attahtried implicitHeight too, no dice19:23
kimmoliremove the anchors from column?19:29
attahGood idea, still not working19:30
attahthere are more anchors that look weird19:31
attahNvm, they (inside defaultRow) were needed and correct19:32
attahfinally... anchors.fill: parent in the SilicaFlickable19:36
attahplus probably several of the other changes19:37
attahthanks for the help19:47

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