Sunday, 2019-02-17

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attahAny idea why doesn't work (db is undefined), but works?14:54
attahIt feels like this has changed without me really doing anything (it used to work), but of course that's silly14:55
attahThis kludge solves it, but i don't get why it isn't needed in the other place then
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coderusattah: wtf is db, its not even defined here?17:44
attahit's a component in the
coderusattah: you need to make db a property of appwindow then, to make it globally avaibale from all childrens17:46
attahbut it works like what i changed it to... why is only the connect thingy picky?17:47
coderusbut the problem still exists, because you do push, so scope of existing connect funstion is missong its context. you better create functions inside appwindow and call connect to it, it will always keep context until window dies17:47
attahto me that sounds just as iffy with regard to accessing 'dialog', which is also outside the connection17:50
coderusif your function lasts long enogh you will get problems with more stuff. deleteLater will finally catch you in a bad way. so always control context of your functions17:52
attahI'm completely OK with i'm doing this wrong... but i have trouble understanding what makes a good solution17:54
attahThe other link in the first message for example, is that crap too?17:54
attahAnd why is accessing the dialog variable not bad, or is it?17:55
attahOr is the case just that db shouldn't really be relied on to in scope on the page as a whole, and the connect is just what pushes it over the edge?18:06
attahUgh... "Too many spec files - not using any. Use -s to identify a specific one"20:28
attahAnd i promise, there is only one20:29
attahor actually i lied20:29
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