Monday, 2019-02-18

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coderuskadse: it's return ~. Not ~. return12:09
kadsecoderus: still not used to the american layout ^^12:23
coderuskadse: but why should you to?13:41
kadsecoderus: using the key combinations I'm used to with a german layout on an american keyboard creates a few errors13:44
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attahAny kind soul without alot of extra gstreamer plugins that can check if this works?
attahand it does DLNA casting with Jupii19:17
fledermauswhat is SVT is what I'm asking19:17
attah"I'll build my own #¤&% ecosystem"19:17
attahswedish public service TV19:17
fledermausfatal error: file <blah blah blah> libsailfishapp-launcher-<version> not found on releases.jolla.com19:31
fledermausattah: ^19:32
attahthat's... odd19:32
fledermausattempted install w pkcon install-local19:32
malattah: seems to working fine, videos play and menus work19:33
attahhmm, maybe you really don't have the dependency19:33
malat least based on quick testing19:33
attahthanks mal19:33
fledermausyou may be hard-locked to a minimum launcher version I don't have?19:34
fledermausI'm on a J119:34
attahI just went with whatever is default on latest SDK19:34
attahAre you on old SW too=19:34
malattah: a small UI bug, the playback seek bar doesn't have the bar extend when playing, only the circle is moving19:34
attahYeah, i don't know how to fix that... my other play app has that too xD19:35
attahsometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't19:35
attahI'll try my J119:36
mallike that19:36
malattah: the connection thingy you have is not needed19:37
malattah: probably other ways to do it19:38
mallike setting maximumValue: player.duration and value: player.position19:38
attahHmm, your solution looks alot more straight-forward19:39
attahalthough, i'm not sure what part of it fixes the bug19:39
malthe latter version I mentioned might be more efficient19:39
malas it doesn't need to scale19:39
attahyeah, i think i'll keep that part.. but do away with connection19:40
attahbut seriously, why is this a significant difference?19:40
attahfor the highlighting of the bar no less, handle still works19:40
malmaybe the sync: false is the problem19:41
attahwell, that is a property i defined19:41
attahsimilar-but-worse solution to your "down &&"19:42
attahfledermaus: app works on my J1 on SFOS 3.something19:44
fledermaushow'd you install it?19:45
attahdeploy as rpm in the SDK19:46
attahIs your install like brand new?19:46
fledermausah I probably need to be signed up for developer stuff or something19:47
attahno, i don't think so19:47
fledermaustried pkcon install-local as nemo and got an auth failure when trying to install the extra launcher package19:47
attahonly thing i can think of is that you need to have installed *any* QML-only app19:47
attahand/or pkcon refresh19:47
attahIf you aren't on some ancient version19:48
fledermauspkcon refresh: Fatal Error: Failed to obtain authentication19:49
fledermausI'm on Sipoonkorpi19:49
attahno (valid) jolla account?19:49
fledermausshould be valid19:49
attahdoes accounts/store agree?19:50
fledermausstore seems to know who I am19:51
attahDoes it like my S'Play from store?19:52
malattah: I tried some things and only my original way seemed to work19:52
* attah fishes for that sweet sweet install count19:52
malattah: your app UI is a bit slow, not sure why19:52
attahOn S'' or S'?19:53
malattah: I got some good ideas for UI from your app19:53
fledermausS'play installing19:53
attahmal: i'm all ears, not to mention accepting pull requests :)19:54
attahfledermaus: that has the exact same dependency to sailfishapp19:54
malattah: well the seek bar can be fixed the way my app does it19:55
fledermausattah: S'pay works, I hear things I assume are swedish.19:56
attahnow you should have the dependency satesfied for S''Play19:56
attahmal: i'll give it a testrun on S'Play (SR) for a day or two, then do both apps19:56
malattah: ah, your app just uses webview for the UI19:57
fledermausnow it worked19:57
attahmal: yes, that is slow as a snail on Valium19:57
attahdependency gremlins...19:58
malthat explains the UI speed19:58
attahI'm flattered you think i could be arsed to do all that19:58
malattah: my Yle Areena app is completely native19:59
attahGood on you!19:59
fledermausattah: seems to work19:59
fledermausmust have been a glitch in the matrix19:59
attahDo they have an API or is it sort of reversed?19:59
malattah: not as pretty though, I'm happy with some parts but not all, for the other parts your app gave some ideas, need to try to implement those19:59
malattah: yle has public API20:00
attahhappy that the quick hack inspires20:00
attahSVT does not :(20:00
attahSR does, so that app is fully native20:01
* attah should move to Åland20:01
malsome yle videos are available everywhere20:02
malattah: in which part of Sweden do you live?20:02
attahMainly because you seem to get even more things right over there, not purely to get yle20:02
attahoriginally from Öland20:03
attahthey seriously need to rename Gotland (or Bornholm) to Äland20:04
malok, I live in south coast of finland, right next to the capital20:05
attahmal: Well, your solution seems to always have the highlighting of "played duration", but if i skip by just tapping on the slider, i can get it to disconnect from progress tracking20:10
attahdragging works well20:10
malattah: did you remember this line
malattah: note the onSliderValueChanged20:12
malnot onValueChanged20:12
attahi had written from memory, and replaced down with pressed20:13
malalso the signal name change is relevant20:13
attahand entirely missed that other thing20:13
attahNow it works, thanks20:14
attahBut on S''Play it still doesn't work20:33
FloR707Hi, is it possible to remove the automatic RPM validator during the build steps?20:49
attahLooks like you can uncheck it in Tools->Options->Sailfish OS20:52
attahLooking to save some sweet seconds, or just can't be bothered with Harbour?20:53
FloR707It is has a bug.20:53
FloR707It tells me that a library that I am being using for several releases it not allowed.20:54
malwhich one?20:54
FloR707Thanks found it.20:55
attahOh there is something for keepalive that is allowed?20:55
attahI rolled my own dbus hack20:55
FloR707import Nemo.KeepAlive 1.120:56
FloR707is allowed according to an email I got from QC20:56
FloR707The email stated that this lib should not fail the validator. That it is a bug and that they want to fix it.20:57
attahI agree20:57
attahBut it would be neat if they could actually update the official list20:57
attahAlso i wouldn't call it a bug if it works as intended20:58
attahMore of a discrepancy, since it is not actually on the list20:58
FloR707You are right. That is what QC stated. I switched to keepAlvie in August 2017!20:59
attahI'm filing a "bug" xD20:59
FloR707Hmm did not do the trick. My build still fails because of the validator.21:01
attahI didn't know validator actually failed builds, just printed some red text21:01
attahI'm pretty sure i accidentally built something that failed validator and submitted to QA21:02
FloR707It is not starting on my device as usual21:03
attahI'm going to guess it's unrelated21:03
FloR707Ah I always forget to change the device as well…21:04
FloR707No, for me the build fails.21:06
FloR707The only errors displayed are the ones from the RPM validation that is turned off.21:06
attahAre you deploying or building an RPM for store?21:07
FloR707Okay got it. Wrong settings. Grey highlight on a grey background is not that ideal...21:09
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, sup! so had a friend of mine try to setup pi using the images, but he is running into the same issue22:41
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, any chance you can get me in contact with that piguy?22:42
r0kk3rzTheOnlyBouncer: i saw him trying to do a pi3 update not that long ago, but i can grab one of mine and see what the story is23:05
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, ah cool, thanks23:09
tom_bolahi all23:57

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