Monday, 2019-02-25

bw_hello. When does commhistory.db update Events?00:40
r0kk3rzbw_: theres a bit of an overview of telephony stuff here -
r0kk3rzmost of the code should be open on git.merproject.org00:43
r0kk3rzim not sure who the best person to talk with jolla side is about that00:43
r0kk3rzmost people are active in normal european hours though00:44
bw_thanks r0kk3rz: i am a sailfish-os user and found out that the most recent entry (of any type) in commhistory.db isn't up to date00:48
bw_i would like to find entries with the isDeleted-flag of any type but the last entry is from feb. 21st 2019.00:49
bw_is there anything i may have overseen?00:51
r0kk3rzim not super familiar with that area of the os tbh, do you have newer items in the call history?00:52
bw_i see shortmessages and calls scince feb. 21st in the phone- and sms-app on the device itself00:54
r0kk3rzit might be worth querying the commhistory-daemon rather than the database directly01:00
bw_thanks r0kk3rz: is there an easy short way to synchronize the daemon with the .db file?01:02
r0kk3rzotherwise it looks like flypig, martyone, and rainemak are involved with that stuff jolla side if you wait until they get up01:02
r0kk3rzbw_: no idea, i would have expected it to be quite synchronised anyway...01:03
r0kk3rzbut maybe it isnt because of weird reasons01:03
bw_what would be the frontend tool for libcommhistory?01:15
chriadamthere's commhistory-tool, or the messages application01:17
chriadamand voicecall-ui also, phone application01:18
bw_thank you01:19
bw_is commhistory-tool available over yum?01:22
chriadambw_: no idea01:26
chriadamaccording to the .spec, the package name should be libcommhistory-qt5-tools, but you can build it yourself if you need to from
malbw_: chriadam libcommhistory-qt5-tools is available in default repos on device01:30
maland seems to be installed by default01:32
chriadamhrm, curious.... maybe some oneshot needs it?01:37
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r0kk3rzchriadam: hows things in brisvegas? i should come for a visit02:09
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chriadamr0kk3rz: pretty good02:51
chriadamr0kk3rz: the weather is always nice, pretty much.  we had a cyclone threaten to get us a bit wet but it decided against the idea and went away02:52
chriadamthey had to close some beaches for a couple of days, but that was about the extent of it02:52
r0kk3rznice for you maybe, definitely too hot for me. maybe once ive acclimitised a bit03:00
r0kk3rzits 32C and im huddled inside, big fireball in the sky is too scary03:25
tortoisedocmartyone: good morning and good news, found another library with interception problems on sb2 :
merbotMer bug 2017 in glibc "[gates] posix_spawn's execve operation not intercepted" [Major,New]07:43
tortoisedocmartyone: good morning and good news, found another library with interception problems on sb2 :
tortoisedocmartyone : I was wondering, does sb2 support trampolines / function asm head patching?07:43
martyonetortoisedoc: morning, I also noticed that some time ago - it breaks 'bison' build under SDK. I do not have an answer to your question07:49
tortoisedocmartyone: it might be beneficial to get a gate for this function07:50
tortoisedocmartyone : I had a look and adding gates for existing api's (open et al) is not "that" complicated, but a new api from scratch seems not too easy; is there any info somewhere?07:51
martyoneall I am aware off is the 'sb2 internals and architecture' document (google it)07:53
tortoisedocmartyone : thanks08:01
dcalistechriadam: hello, tomorrow, I won't be able to attend the meeting. Sorry, see you next week.08:30
chriadamdcaliste: no problem08:30
chriadamthanks for letting me know08:30
chriadamhave a great week08:30
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oltortoisedoc (IRC), martyone (IRC): Missing gates for posix_spawn() and posix_spawnp() is a known issue:
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albertuxchiaro, molta non ci credevo..... :-o18:28
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