Tuesday, 2019-02-26

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chriadamFYI, at the recent Sailfish OS community meeting, I mentioned that dcaliste meets with some sailors here at this time (0800 UTC on Tuesdays) to discuss his ongoing contributions08:03
chriadamI mentioned that anyone is welcome to join in to these discussions, to ask for help with their own contributions, or ask developers for hints about where to start or who to contact if they want to help fix an issue08:03
chriadamAlso, dcaliste wanted help from other community members with improving the sailfish-office, particularly he noted the regression tests need work08:04
chriadamUnfortunately, dcaliste can't be here today, but will be back next week as per usual08:04
chriadamAnyway, not sure if anyone from the community has anything to discuss today, but if so, please speak up :-)  I will be leaving in probably 30 mins if there is no other discussion points.08:05
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riniguschriadam: great initiative. Don't have anything to discuss right now, but will keep it mind that we have such opportunity.08:34
chriadamthanks :-)08:34
ajnieminenoho, wrong chat08:42
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tortoisedocyeah sfos on gemini pda  \o/11:19
leszeka beta version labeled as final. I will do some more tests but everything I tested so far I can only highly discourage anyone to buy this11:22
kirvesAxetortoisedoc, it is awesome :)11:38
malleszek: what are the main issues?11:41
leszekmal: you can watch the battery percentage drain like a count down timer. Especially if you have wifi activated11:41
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tortoisedocleszek : at least its a release :P14:13
tortoisedocits the *agile* spirit14:13
tortoisedocdo stuff, think later :P14:14
leszekis that the motto of Jolla?14:14
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leszekah so that is the motto :P17:07
leszeksoon™ forever17:07
Thaodan_leszek: i like thebootroo's motto soon tm, sooner than you think18:30
Thaodan_he is really fast18:30
leszekoh man did someone really seriously tested this Gemini SailfishX variant before releasing? I mean it is so unusable that it is not even funny. I paid 29€ for a buggy mess :(18:34
leszekAmbiances broken18:34
leszekBattery like a countdown timer. I managed to get 4 hours of usage. Funny thing is it took about 5 mins from 20% to "Goodbye"18:35
leszekNo Alt+Tab18:35
leszekBack camera not working18:35
leszek>90% of apps start in portrait mode without being able to force to landscape18:36
leszekvideos playback choppy18:38
leszekand the list goes on and on18:38
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kirvesAxeleszek, did you try basic sailfish on gemini before that?19:31
leszekYou mean the community version? Yes19:31
kirvesAxeYeah, some things are the same...19:31
leszekI know. But this is the official SailfishX release and I paid for it. So I want the bugs to be fixed. Therefor I am spamming tjc a bit19:32
kirvesAxeHas any sailfish ever supported alt+tab?19:32
leszeknot that I know19:33
leszekthere was no official version of sailfishos before that had a hardware keyboard19:34
kirvesAxeI think there has been support for external keyboards for a long time...19:34
kirvesAxeAt least since the TOHKBD was delivered19:35
leszekyes I know. Alt+Tab is a feature people expect to work. As simple as that. Thats why it is a bug19:35
leszekthe same as Ctrl+C for copying19:36
_svenC&P is a function from the early 80's afaik. I'm wondering that a OS with a keyboard attached can't support this functionality today. But btw. BT is from the 90', its still not fully working on Gemini PDA.20:01
Keij02 questions20:12
Keij01. Can I fix it?20:12
Keij02. If not, can I skip that stupid installer?20:12
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