Friday, 2019-03-01

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ajnieminenis there any hutspot / libspot combo users? should hutspot automatically connect to libspot?07:17
ArkkisHeyyy, SailfishOS has Discord channel?07:33
zebbiz_piajnieminen: Yes, it should08:26
zebbiz_piAnd it does for me08:26
ajnieminenso you just start hutspot and can start playing music right away? I need to re-enter my credentials and connect to libspot multiple times.08:30
zebbiz_pi yeah, don't have to enter anything08:32
zebbiz_piCheck settings, does it say "Start librespot when launched!?08:33
zebbiz_piI don't remember, but is there a "Remember this device" when signing in?08:39
zebbiz_pior something similar?08:39
ajnieminencannot find anything like that.10:07
zebbiz_piajnieminen: Which version do you have?10:08
zebbiz_piThe setting is called "Control Librespot"10:09
zebbiz_piIt should be active10:10
zebbiz_piHow do you auth? using the browser of hutspot?10:13
zebbiz_pibrowser or* hutspot10:13
ajnieminenstoreman says that there are no updates10:13
ajnieminencontrol librespot is active10:13
ajnieminenbut librespot is not starting / running when i start hubspot10:14
ajnieminenbut if i start it manually it seemsto connect automatically10:14
ajniemineni think that i did auth by webapi, and gave credentials from hubspot to libspot10:15
ajnieminenill restart my phone and try again10:15
zebbiz_piyes, do that10:15
ajnieminenhmm, works after i start librespot manually10:18
ajnieminenatleast it remembers my credentials10:18
zebbiz_piYou should talk to wdehoog (the dev) about it10:19
zebbiz_piOr post an issue on github10:20
zebbiz_piWrong link?
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