Monday, 2019-03-04

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ajnieminenzebbiz_pi: jes, thanks. I'll try to read logs first. might be that i've managed to break something myself08:44
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mcencorahi. I'm trying to get kernel 4.4 working on Xperia X. I compiled it successfully, I can boot this kernel via fastboot into recovery mode, but when  I try to boot normal system phone just restarts.17:58
mcencorahow can I get some logs to debug what is going on?17:58
Thaodan_mcencora: /etc/systemd/journald.conf: storage=persistent18:04
Thaodan_than journalctl in recovery18:05
mcencoraThaodan_: nice, thanks. what about kernel logs? what if it crashes before reaching init process?18:05
Thaodan_however you need to about the other changes to the X after that like how ofono accessed ril18:06
Thaodan_mcencora: I doubt that but if yes use netcat. If recovery works than journald will too18:06
mcencoraThaodan_: unfortunately I don't get any logs from this failed startup18:37
Thaodan_did you changed into recovery and edit the configs inside /rootfs?18:38
mcencoraI edited the config during normal startup on old kernel,18:39
tortoisedoc_are there instructions on how to build gecko for sfos?18:39
tortoisedoc_mal : ping ^?18:40
tortoisedoc_wall of text18:40
tortoisedoc_thanks Thaodan_18:40
mcencoraThaodan_: logs from old kernel startups are there, so the config is working, I just don't get any logs for new kernel18:40
Thaodan_mcencora: but thats probably something for #sailfishos-porters18:40
mcencoramost likely it fails before init, or before mounting filesystems18:41
Thaodan_did you booted the 4.4.x based recovery?18:41
mcencoraI had to hack it a little, because ethernet over usb does not seem to work for me, so I configured the USB gadget as serial18:42
Thaodan_saw any errors? did you fixed the defconfig for the X for hybris?18:42
mcencoraI cannot post on #sailfishos-porters btw. is this channel restricted somehow?18:42
mcencorahmm, nope. I'll look into this18:43
Thaodan_thats probably the reason18:43
Thaodan_are you registed on freenode?18:43
mcencorano, I just use webchat18:44
Thaodan_thats maybe the reason18:44
tortoisedoc_mcencora : I think you need to register your nick, at least for me that was enough (on webchat as well)18:45
tortoisedoc_(register as in with NickServ)18:45
kimmoliyeah, there were too much spam some time ago18:46
mcencoraok, will try18:46
Thaodan_I tried a testnic via webchat and that was fine.18:46
tortoisedoc_Thaodan_ : I have tried to find gkt+ 3 but its nowhere on mer, that correct?18:50
Thaodan_its not requirred18:50
tortoisedoc_to build gecko?18:50
Thaodan_xul is build without18:50
tortoisedoc_ok that explains18:51
Thaodan_look at the whole repo18:51
Thaodan_ah project18:51
tortoisedoc_im looking at firefox18:52
tortoisedoc_I got up to the point where gtk3 comes into play18:52
tortoisedoc_I assume there's no way forward from here but gtk418:52
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Mister_MagisterOkay who is in for native pornhub app? XD22:28
tadzikwhat would an app do? :)22:32
zebbiz_pibrowse, search, stream22:35
zebbiz_piwithout the ads22:35
tadzikso, a web browser? ;)22:36
tadzikoh wait, we don't have one :(22:37
* tadzik hides22:37
zebbiz_piThe browser is pretty unstable, at least for me22:37
zebbiz_piI have to restart it quite often because videos won't load22:37
tadzikwhich browser is that?22:37
zebbiz_pitalking about the standard browser22:37
tadzikyeah, it barely loads anything these days :/22:38
Mister_MagisterSo i see everybody on train xD22:42
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r0kk3rzjust build it, dont ask to build it22:56
zebbiz_piIf you build it, they will come ;)22:58
tadzikfitting for a pornhub app23:00

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