Thursday, 2019-03-07

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sledgesPSA: SFOS community collab. disucussion in #mer-meeting in just under half-hour08:35
sledges#info just a reminder if you want to get involved with PIM, to join the community contributions meeting every Tuesday 08:00 UTC in #sailfishos09:31
sledgeswrong window :P09:31
Heavylobsterhi, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm trying to run some example cmake projects with Sailfish SDK's Qt creator12:20
Heavylobsterbut seems cmake is failing due to a "The c++ compiler is not able to compile a simple test program" error12:20
Heavylobstercan anyone here tell what am i doing wrong? :)12:20
Heavylobsterthe example projects that come with the sdk work fine12:21
coderussialfish sdk not supporting cmake :(12:25
flypigHeavylobster, are you using the Wizard to create your base project?12:26
flypigOh, sorry, misread cmake12:26
Heavylobsteryeah, cloning from git12:27
Heavylobsterand thats a pity12:27
karry__Well, I am not using Qt Creator, but set of custom scripts to build my cmake project and it works fine...12:27
karry__here is small how-to:
Heavylobsterthe option was there so I assumed it would work12:28
Heavylobsterthanks for the link, i'll take a look!12:28
karry__more correctly - I am using Qt Creator + CLion for native build and development and custom scripts for crosscompilation inside SDK...12:34
dcalisteHeavylobster: inside SDK, you can install missing packages (like cmake) for your target with "sb2 -t Sailfish… -R zypper in cmake", then log into the target itself with "sb2 -t Sailfish…" and then enjoy CLI.12:37
Heavylobstercheers! I got cmake working with karry__ 's howto12:39
Heavylobsterthanks for the help12:39
karry__you are welcome ;-)12:45
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x2sNice. The cable of my headphones can control the touchscreen of my Xperia X16:06
x2sI'm lucky it only called my mailbox...16:06
fledermauscan control?16:07
tadzikact like a finger, I assume16:08
x2sfledermaus: tadzik: Exactly.16:53
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