Friday, 2019-03-08

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Heavylobsterdoes anyone here have any pointers for how to debug a sdl app that doesnt render anything (black screen) on sailfish but works on other platforms?08:48
Krikke_Heavylobster: does it run on wayland on other platforms?09:48
Heavylobsterit did when I last tried though it was a while ago09:52
Heavylobstercant test whether it still does right now09:52
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Krikkeyou mean it worked on sailfish or wayland?09:58
Krikkeshould work then09:58
Heavylobsteri'm just trying to port an existing app (not my own) to, well, get it work on my phone, and for the learning experience :)10:00
Heavylobsterso it builds and runs on sailfish but doesnt render anything, no errors in terminal output10:00
rasvaHeavylobster: which application? I know that someone successfuly ported dosbox, ffmpeg and ffplay10:49
Heavylobsterrasva: app in question is easyrpg player:
malHeavylobster: do you see anything in terminal output when you start the app?11:32
Heavylobstermal: yeah, theres some debug output coming from the app itself11:35
Heavylobsterno errors apart from a warning about the framerate being 0 fps11:36
Heavylobsterapart from that everything there seems fine11:36
Heavylobsterseems its got something to do with fullscreen, forcing the app to run in windowed mode actually renders stuff but the game window only covers a tiny part of the screen11:53
Heavylobsterso thats something, perhaps I can get that figured out11:53
malat least rendering does work so it's a start11:54

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