Wednesday, 2019-03-20

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WaRi0i cannot make mazelock to work10:01
WaRi0cant activate it10:01
TheOnlyBouncerr0kk3rz, sup! if you have not seen this yet
TheOnlyBouncerOpenXR (khronos VR standard) has launched with Monado being a full open source stack using OpenHMD11:34
TheOnlyBouncerMobile is a target so it might be interesting to see if we can get something going with Sailfish11:34
TheOnlyBouncerdon't know if you can recommend a Jolla rep to poke? (started working for Collabora since this week hehe)11:35
malTheOnlyBouncer: that seems to require vulkan support, I would have finish it first, I started doing to quite a while ago, computational side works but graphics side is missing13:03
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fledermausanybody still have maps after the oulanka upgrade?13:27
schmittlauch[m]Ohai. Looks like my Oulanka upgrade failed right in the middle: The last entry in /var/log/systemupdate.log is 'Transaction ID 5c923beb started13:37
schmittlauch[m]but no message of it having stopped13:37
schmittlauch[m]Is it possible to re-run tha upgrade from the rescue mode? Because all necessary rpms should've been downloaded already.13:38
kirvesAxefledermaus, haven't upgraded but if your need for a map app (mapp? lol) is dire, try osm scout13:38
fledermauswill give it a look, thanks.13:40
fledermauskirvesAxe: does the "search" functionality on osm scout work? the settings menu option doesn't seem to do anything either.13:57
fledermausalso is there any route-finding on this?13:57
karry_Hi fledermaus , OSM Scout support searching and routing, but you have to download database for offline usage first (directly from app)...14:00
fledermauskarry_: I see.14:09
fledermaushm, it's not immediately obvious how to do that14:10
kirvesAxekarry_, is the database download included with the offline map download or..?14:17
fledermausdo I need these separate OSM server apps?14:19
TheOnlyBouncermal, we have a graphics team on Collabora who work on things like Panfrost drivers and such, happy to see if we can be of assistance14:23
TheOnlyBouncermal, would be great though if we can have a direct Jolla contact though, since the boss would like to look for further collaboration :)14:24
fledermausTheOnlyBouncer: hi14:24
TheOnlyBouncerfledermaus, sup14:25
fledermausI also work for collabora14:25
fledermausalbeitnot on the gfx team14:26
TheOnlyBounceroh nice, sup colleague!14:26
karry_kirvesAxe : I am using database as synonym for offline map, so yes ;-)14:26
fledermausalthough I did work on fremantle and harmattan14:26
TheOnlyBouncerfledermaus, started on the XR team this week, directly following my openhmd leads :)14:27
fledermauskarry_: ok so do I need to install these apss from openrepos?14:27
karry_No, OSM Scout is distributed via Harbour. OSM Scout server is different application (from Rinigus) and you don't need it for OSM Scout. The name is similar for historical reason ;-)14:29
malTheOnlyBouncer: I do work for jolla but just a developer, I have a bit too many projects also during my free time so that vulkan support has been a hobby project which I haven't had time to look into recently14:30
karry_But if you are looking for map application, you may try "OSM Scout server" with "Poor Maps" from OpenRepos too...14:30
TheOnlyBouncermal, could you hook me up with someone of business relations or similar? would be interesting to see if we can have some collaborans help out with things like vulkan14:31
fledermauskarry_: in which case I'm not seeing any way to download maps?14:39
fledermausah, I had to update it a few times and eventually this succeeded and I have a lot more menu options now14:44
WaRi0any help for mazelock?14:52
fledermausWaRi0: might have more luck if you ask a more specific question15:14
TheOnlyBouncermal, Kiitos15:16
malTheOnlyBouncer: np15:21
WaRi0fledermaus i cannot enable maze lock patch15:30
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r0kk3rzTheOnlyBouncer: stuff like that requires a bit of hybris experience, but thats not a bad thing to learn21:45
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