Thursday, 2019-03-21

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sledgesPSA: a short sfos community collab meetup is in #mer-meeting in just over 10mins08:48
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satmdmy other half died. constantly blinking red led :(10:31
r0kk3rzyou mean jphone?10:41
satmdProbably the battery10:46
r0kk3rzbattery terminal trick?10:53
satmdJust ordered a spare10:57
fledermausoh hey maps are back. well, I guess now I have scout and maps.12:52
tadzikMaps are back?13:02
mpolMaps are back for Jolla 113:36
fledermausthey were gone (again) for a while after oulanka, apparently it happened on an earlier upgrade too.13:37
fledermausthe package was there but it wouldn't install.13:37
tadzikah, for J113:55

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