Friday, 2019-03-22

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mcencorahi. when trying to rebuild a package in platform sdk I get: error: magic_load failed: File 5.14 supports only version 10 magic files. `/usr/share/misc/magic.mgc' is version 1409:38
mcencoraany ideas?09:38
Heavylobsterhi guys, I'm having some trouble with android support on XA212:33
Heavylobsterit looks like all (?) apps have some sort of i/o issues: android app stores (such as aptoide and f-droid) fail to download/install anything and give me some cryptic io errors instead12:33
Heavylobsterand whatsapp fails to download images/videos12:34
Heavylobsteri know it's beta so problems are to be expected, but i was wondering if I could find a solution here :)12:34
Heavylobsterthis is with the early access 3.0.2 version but I also had it with the initial xa2 version12:35
malwhat errors does it give?12:38
Heavylobsteraptoide has a nicely vague error message that only says "ERROR" whenever I try downloading something12:42
Heavylobsterin whatsapp's case, something among the lines of "The download couldn't be finished, please try again later"12:42
Heavylobsterand I actually misremembered about f-droid, that does work for some reason12:44
Heavylobsterbut I havent heard of anyone else having issues with whatsapp or aptoide12:44
mcencoraVenemo: here is the promised patch for avoiding unnecessary allocs qtcontacts
mcencorawhen trying to rebuild a package in platform sdk I get: error: magic_load failed: File 5.14 supports only version 10 magic files. `/usr/share/misc/magic.mgc' is version 1412:59
mcencoraany ideas?12:59
Venemohey mcencora thank you, I will try to look into it13:00
Venemomcencora: unfortunately, probably only on monday :( sorry13:00
mcencoranp, anyway there is really not much to look at ;)13:02
mcencorathese allocs are temporary, so not that much of a problem. bigger issue is the huge memory consumption that I am trying to narrow down now13:03
Venemomcencora: thanks. which package should I try to apply that patch to?13:04
Venemomcencora: so qt?13:05
mcencoraI guess, I downloaded repo from
VenemoI see. I'm not super familiar with that area but will try to find someone who is.13:06
Venemomcencora: which device do you use? and what exactly are the symptoms of the problem you are trying to fix?13:09
mcencoraXperia X, contactsd is eating up to 1.5GB of memory and very often eating one full cpu core13:12
Venemothat sounds pretty sick13:12
mcencorayeah, sqlite contacts databases seems to quite big (together around 400MB IIRC)13:13
mcencoraeven though I have barely 200 contacts13:13
Venemohrm. I understand your frustration and am sorry you are experiencing this13:14
mcencoraif you are interested I can share heaptrack trace file13:15
Venemowell, like I said it's not my area of expertise, but if you think it may help find what causes the trouble then sure13:19
Venemomcencora: have you opened an issue on yet? I think it would be a good place to have all information about this problem in one place13:51
mcencoraVenomo: there are already topics about these issues on tjc14:04
mcencoraI remember trying the workaround mentioned in the topics, but it helped only for a short while14:06
mcencorapriveleged db is round 50MB, non-privileged ~300MB and mkcal is ~100MB14:08
Venemoall right. I gotta go now but we'll talk later14:38
Thaodan_how is different is PySide from pyqt?19:04
coderusThaodan_: its py - OTHER - side :)19:29

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