Tuesday, 2019-04-23

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spiiroinAlmindor: Ping jusa, he should be able to help you with that. He is likely to be busy though, so some patience required ...05:42
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ghosalmartinmorning all :)08:08
Sebbannow I have tried running my Xperia X with IPv4-only for a while and it works.  With IPv4v6, IPv4 stops working after a while and only IPv6 remains08:13
Sebbanthe 'while' in the first sentence is a longer while than the one in the last :)08:14
ToeiReiStupid question: Is there some EWS Support in Sailfish, as I'd have to work against/with a MS Exchange server with IMAP disabled.08:30
r0kk3rzthere is exchange support, not sure of all the details08:32
ToeiReiI remember that there's some licensing quirks around due to Microsoft (had that with OpenXchange and friends)08:34
r0kk3rzthis is a properly licenced proprietary implementation08:35
r0kk3rzand only comes on fully supported devices08:36
ToeiReiso I can forget about that on my community build.08:37
ToeiReiit's kinda quirky with DAV and IMAP if you're used to...08:38
r0kk3rzive never really used it personally08:38
ToeiReiI have a kerio connect server at my home lab to have that stuff as it's just running over https.08:39
ToeiReiyou know - no need for additional ports and running it through the main WAF08:39
x2sSo, how many of you got queried by this steevie person for aliendalvik, too?09:31
ToeiReix2s: sadly I don't get such idiots to play with10:17
x2sToeiRei: and I'm too kindhearted to even think of this...10:28
x2sit would've been easy to create that package and wipe the whole phone...10:29
x2sor install a backdoor10:29
x2sor doing gamma correction stuff on random basis to make them think their phone is broken. :D10:30
fledermausdamnit, suddenly something's sucking a lot of cpu10:46
fledermausand draining the battery10:46
fledermausor not CPU, maybe IO, idle is 80-90% but load is pegged over 110:46
ToeiReix2s: I'm not thinking of creating backdoors. More just dealing with kiddies.10:48
Almindorjusa: any chance you could please show/link/something me the "difficult way" of switching audio sinks and making mce work with in-call mode please?15:19
attahAre there any surviving Signal clients for SFOS?17:45
attahAnd if not, could it perhaps be made with the official c library as a plugin to sociald?17:48
wesblHi guys, anyone can tell me how is sailfish os xperia xa217:53
attahIt's fine... but by no means a polished flagship experience. What do you want to know?17:54
attahfwiw, i wouldn't consider switching from it, and i have a Samsung S9 for work that i barely use (glorified mail machine)18:03
wesblattah: I have to buy a new phone because my battery doesn't charge anymore, I already stay without google software (lineageos without gapps), so...18:09
attahDepends on what you are looking for... The Andrid runtime is a bit temperamental but really snappy18:11
attahNative apps are not all that plentiful, but they do what i need...18:12
attahBrowser is getting slow with all the bloated javascript sites out there, but an uplift appears to be in the works18:12
attahTo me a top selling point is the gesture based UI and the general clean look of everything18:13
attahNo annoying nag dialogs to configure this or accept that18:14
wesblattah: I had a jolla years ago, for me was the best user experience together with bbos1018:30
attahWelcome back then :)18:31
kaolI'm porting my Jolla app to Android. I can already tell that it's going to look and feel worse.18:32
attahI have started doing my own apps for the things that are some combination of missing and easy18:32
wesblwhat's the best turn by turn app for sailfish nowdays?18:49
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r0kk3rzwesbl: pure maps22:41
wesblthanks r0kk3rz, I see that is based on OSM, so should be complete, right?22:48
wesblI mean, with turn by turn22:49
wesbllast time I've used sailfish there were no turn by turn navigators22:50

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