Wednesday, 2019-04-24

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dionisioeduHow can a developer work here?13:28
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Almindorhow can I control the vibration? is there an API?17:05
malAlmindor: what kind of control you need? in apps it's allowed to QtFeedBack from qml
KrikkeI can't get early?17:34
piggzrinigus: have you started getting reports of puremaps breaking in 3038?17:39
Krikkeit says up to date even though I checked the checkbox17:39
Krikkewhat gives?17:42
riniguspiggz: not recently. there were some warnings from testers, but that was some time ago.18:00
pketo_Krikke: when did you check the checkbox? it can take up to 15 minutes to get synced to all the related backend systems18:01
Krikkehalf an hour ago18:03
mpolKrikke: it is early access only for now18:03
KrikkeI created a new account just for it18:04
Krikkeand signed up for early access18:04
Krikkebut it seems I can't get it18:04
mpolcli always works:  ssu release && version --dup18:04
mpolI haven't tried, I will wait for real release :)18:05
Krikkeit's doing something18:07
KrikkeI hope I didn't have to be root18:07
mpolI do think you have to, or at least devel-su18:11
pketo_Krikke: are you using paid Sailfis X?18:12
Krikkeon XA218:12
pketo_that is tied to your account, so you won't get system updates on the new account18:13
Krikkecan I move it?18:13
pketo_yes, system updates are part of the license package18:13
pketo_generally we don't move the licenses to new accounts unless you have some good reason18:15
Krikkewell I don't want the early release on all my devices18:15
Krikkeso I have to be logged in with the account I purchased with for it to work?18:16
pketo_you can change your licensed account to early access and and the new account to normal and use that on the other devices?18:18
Krikkecan't I just toggle it for now?18:19
Krikkelike put it on and the update and turn it off18:19
pketo_or just don't update the other devices untill the final release is out :)18:20
Krikkeyeah but the update notification is annoying18:20
Krikkeoh yeah, installing18:47
attahDo i just have low standards, or is the new browser really smooth?18:57
Almindormal: I need "phone call ringing"19:05
Almindormal: implementing audio calls into jTox got most things working (except sink switching for which I'm waiting for info from jusa)19:06
Almindormal: is there any documentation for QtFeedback? seems like it's not documented along with the std. QML stuff19:25
Almindornvm, figured it out from the .qmltypes file19:39
Almindoris it possible to play the currently set ringtone from an app?19:45
malnot sure, I haven't tried20:15
r0kk3rzspiiroin: it would be nice to stop the sleeping process when downloading updates22:53
r0kk3rzit makes the download go soo slooow otherwise22:53

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