Thursday, 2019-04-25

spiiroinr0kk3rz: can you elaborate a bit?05:30
r0kk3rzspiiroin: i get the impression that on jolla c, when the screen is off the wifi goes into powersaving mode and the update download essentially pauses06:16
SmarI think that happens with XA2 too06:32
spiiroinr0kk3rz: ok, that part. I have a feeling that as J1 + usb connected=suspend blocked by kernel -> there was no need to take it into account07:05
spiiroiniirc later devices do suspend even when charging / when battery gets full, so there might be need for some tweaking07:06
locusfpiggz: do you have a trick to start your advanced camera from lockscreen?07:11
r0kk3rzspiiroin: i dont remember it being an issue on jphone07:26
wesblIs there any screencast app for sailfish?10:23
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hallynall right ,yay, got sailfish installed on the xperia x.  gonna be swamped the next week, but then i'll see about the group sms thing.13:53
hallyncan't use this phone as daily driver until i do something about this ridiculous smooth back :)  how am i supposed to keep it in my hand :)13:54
fledermausi should install my x13:56
kaariHi, im having bad time updating j1 to Did with cli, because normal update stuck as always. Removed patches and everything went ok, reboot to Jolla startup screen and then nothing.16:19
kaariOk, then search little now it seems it somethong to do with patchmanager anyways. I can get to recovery shell, but cant do nothing that helps. At least I would need is network for chrooted env. Not been to abble to get it.16:22
kaariTried meny things on tjc and, but im stuck16:23
malwell checking the systemupdate.log might be useful16:35
kaarimal: Are you answering to me?16:37
kaarimal: can you tell me where i can find it. I have monuted mm....28 and have access to it, nut where16:41
kaarimal:  not now in chroot env16:42
malin rootfs /var/log/ folder or something like that16:43
kaarimal:  yep, found it. But seems there is nothing intresting. Also didnt give me no errors durin update. I think its about patchmanager screwing lipstick. What i would like is to know how to get chrooted env with networking.16:48
malkaari: maybe this?16:51
kaarimal: tried that. Im able to chroot, but not get networking to start. Maybe then i could intall lipstick again16:53
malit should be somehow possible, I have never tried that myself but I have done similar setups before16:54
kaarimal: jes, and i also my linux desktop broken, now on win716:55
malare you sure you setup the iptables command correctly, the correct host device eth0 or wlan0 or what ever you have?16:55
kaarii think everything bad come in one go16:55
malhmm, not sure how to setup network forwarding in windows16:56
kaarii have now only windows. i could try with linux rescue cd, but then again iptables16:56
malthere are probably guides for that somewhere16:56
kaaricoderus: helpMe17:07
kaaricoming back to ask questions, thanks.17:54
attahIs there any example for interaction with sailfish-secrets that one could get inspired by?18:13
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