Friday, 2019-04-26

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hallynwell, this is not going well.  okboard won't keep the swype kbd active, and can't for the life of me get email to load...  gonna have to switch back to old phone for a bit i guess02:42
hallynok, email solved  - had to manually load the letsencrypt keys .  now about swype...05:26
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dcalistepvuorela: do you have 5 minutes to discuss ? During your clean-up (nice job indeed), you created a dedicated page for the case of no account. But in the CombinedInbox pull down menu, you should have removed the "new account" entry I guess.07:42
coderuskaari: use patchmanager3, it does not modify original files...07:47
pvuoreladcaliste: a bit busy now, but can talk a bit asynchronously :)08:00
pvuoreladcaliste: i'll check but think i didn't add any 'add account' options.08:00
pvuorelaoh damn, it's now indeed visible when earlier it was reserver for no accounts case there.08:01
dcalistepvuorela: that's nice thanks. You add it by accident. The diff of 26911216eda99ca2c2ed5697a6a8ed64b5c90d89 show that you removed the visible conditions but they were different for the entries.08:01
dcalisteIf you don't have time, I can create a MR removing the menu entry.08:02
pvuoreladcaliste: should be quite straightforward. you can create or then i'll handle at some point.08:02
dcalisteThanks, will propose it and ping you as reviewer. Thanks for your five minutes ;)08:03
pvuoreladcaliste: only three so far!08:03
dcalisteAfter check, the entry is indeed in NoAccountsPage.qml, so I think it's fine to remove it totally from CombinedInbox.qml.08:04
dcalistepvuorela, MR created. Thanks again for your availability!08:10
Krikkepketo_ mpol now it's suggesting update to after I disabled the early checkbox :)08:38
Krikkewhile I have installed08:38
KrikkeI guess it will go away at some point08:38
pketo_Krikke: yes it will go away when 3.0.3 is out of EA08:44
Krikkeok thanks08:44
Krikkeat least it's only on one device :D08:44
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Almindorjusa: ping?16:44
wesblGuys, If sailfish os web browser is based on old gecko, is it possible to change the gecko base to a gecko fork like goanna?18:26
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_jHi there22:15
_jSo I'm having a minor niggle with Sailfish X, the volume on the apple earbuds are very low when I'm trying to use the mic as well - I was just wondering if anyone had encountered this problem?22:16
_jafaik it's a pulseaudio issue, the mic is incorrectly configured and keeps the sound low. I have had this problem on OpenBSD and normal Linux too, but I can't remember how to fix it22:17
_jI tried setting 'pactl set-sink-volume 2 150%' and it helps but it's still nowhere near as loud as on Android, which is a bit of a pain :p22:18
r0kk3rzwesbl: potentially23:41

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