Thursday, 2019-05-02

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jusaAlmindor: I tried to reply you a couple of times, but you were offline :)05:52
dcalistechriadam: hello, I'm proposing an MR in jolla-settings-accounts to reload the model whenever the account is changed, as we discussed last Tuesday. This should mitigate the setting page saving issue when the calendars are changed remotely and the sync is applying the changes.07:57
chriadamdcaliste: ah, interesting!  I will link it to that bug I mentioned, for internal visibility07:58
dcalisteok, thanks.07:58
dcalisteThe addition of calendars with this is working nicely, changing properties like name and color also.07:58
dcalisteBoth MR (settings and buteo plugin) are not dealing with deletion though…07:59
dcalisteOr, not yet I would say ;)07:59
chriadamwhat happens currently when a calendar is deleted?  does sync just fail?08:00
dcalisteNo, I need to check, but I think that the calendar is actually removed from mkcal database, but still listed in the account settings.08:00
chriadamfair enough08:01
chriadamwell, sounds amenable to detect/fix in the future :-)08:01
dcalisteSo, the missing code would actually removed the calendar from settings _after_ the notebooksyncagent reported it as deleted calendar.08:01
dcalisteWe need to actually conduct the sync route to make the agent delete it from mkcal db.08:02
dcalistechriadam: I just checked, a deleted notebook does not make the sync process to fail. It is actually properlly deleted from mkcal db but still present in the account settings.08:07
chriadamok, well that's good at least.  still good to look at cleaning up the cruft (old setting value) in future, but certainly not a blocker08:07
dcalisteI will add the JB you mentioned as contributes in the commit message.08:08
chriadamyep, thanks!08:11
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Almindoris QAudioOutput on sailfishOS limited to be created on the main thread only?19:50
AlmindorI always get this error if I try to do new QAudioOutput inside non-main thread: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread. (Parent is ResourcePolicyPlugin(0x529f17f8), parent's thread is QThread(0x45a043a8), current thread is QThread(0xbe8da5e8)19:53
Almindorbut it only happens on SFOS, I tried doing same on desktop (vanilla qt5) and it works fine, no warning19:54
pvuorelaAlmindor: without checking code now, i'd say that sounds like bug in resourcepolicy plugin or similar.20:49
pvuorelaAlmindor: somewhere around there possibly
Almindorpvuorela: thanks for considering it. Do you happen to have an idea how to set the proper audio sink so MCE (when set to be in call) will blank the screen and audio will go to earpiece? I've been able to route the audio to earpiece via libpulse by switching the port but it doesn't help with MCE not doing the right thing.23:03

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