Friday, 2019-05-03

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donko@lbt: I would like to request access to build.merproject, if thats possible06:55
KabouikSince the last SFOS update, my X Compact is running very hot and I noticed that the battery drains really fast (like 3-4 hours). `top` shows that systemd eats 100% cpu (divided in 3 distinct processes).07:48
KabouikDoes anyone else have this issue?07:48
lbtdonko: of course08:48
lbtdo you have an account on
donkolbt: yes08:49
lbtexcellent - I need your username and the email you use there and I'll duplicate that on the build system08:50
lbtmsg them to me if you prefer08:50
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Krikkeany way to delete an empty folder from app menu? :D16:47
Krikkeputting an app there and moving it out doesn't work16:47
PeperJohnnyKrikke: try this
Krikkeworked, thx!16:50
PeperJohnnyyou're welcome16:50
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Mister_Magisterhello, after restoring twrp backup of my sfos, font changed to some strange one and i cannot change it in themer app or restore it. Does anyone have idea how to change/fix it? which package manages font so i can reinstall it?21:04

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