Saturday, 2019-05-04

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FloR707Hi, is there a way in SFOS to restore the app as it was when it was closed? During the usage of my app a ListModel gets filled. I would like to restore the last ListModel when the app is reopened. Is this possible?18:24
FloR707I have seen JS code to store data in a SQLite DB but I am wondering if there is an alternative.18:25
tadzikI don't think there's any real alternative, especially if you're writing your app in JS18:27
tadzikI don't think there's any builtin mechanism for snapshoting the state of the app, it's up to you18:28
coderuswell, you can always serialize binary state...20:17
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satmdthat's prone to problems if serialization needs to be nested (e.g pointers)21:24

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