Tuesday, 2019-05-07

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X65VboHi. I've just installed the latest SDK (v3.0.2.8) and I'm unable to SSH into the emulator any longer. I was previously doing this successfully with Emulator 2.205:20
X65VboI can confirm that the TCP port localhost:2223 is accessible (I can telnet/nc to it)05:20
X65VboI'll paste my ssh -vvvv output in a pastebin, two seconds05:20
X65VboHm.. I might try install the SDK with the Emulator for 2.2.1, and see if it works.05:25
X65VboAlso, can someone in this chat room confirm they can see my text. I don't have a registered account. I don't know if anyone can see what I'm writing.05:26
PeperJohnnyYou're readable but I can't answer your question05:26
X65Vbothank you05:26
PeperJohnnyYou're welcome. Strange thing with your log is that it says that the connection is established05:27
X65VboP.S. I've gotten my SDK and emulator version numbers mixed up. I installed the latest SDK (v2.0), which has an emulator for SailfishOS v3.0.2.805:27
ViGeYes. It looks like it has established connection but then nothing happens, which is indeed quite strange05:27
ViGeX65Vbo: Did you install the new SDK from scratch or did you upgrade the old installation?05:29
X65Vboremoved the old SDK first, then installed the new one.05:30
ViGeDoes the emulator start up? Can you see the familiar sailfish screen?05:32
X65VboYes, starts up successfully. If only I could get to a terminal, I could then figure this out :P05:33
ViGeHave you set a password for SSH access? (Settings->Developer mode)05:35
X65VboNo, I haven't tried that. I've been using SSH keys (shipped with the SDK) to log on05:35
X65VboLet me try that...05:35
ViGeTry that please. It sometimes solves the problems.05:36
X65VboSo strange, clicking "Developer Mode" does not do anything. (Trying this on 2.2.1. I'll try it on next)05:38
SmarX65Vbo: the key locations changed05:39
Smarmaybe that’s the problem?05:39
X65VboThanks, I did notice that, and changed the paths accordingly05:39
Smarokay :)05:39
X65Vboall good. I'll keep trouble shooting. I'll let you know if I find anything, otherwise I might have to file a bug05:39
X65Vbothanks for all your help everyone05:39
SmarX65Vbo: do you have some firewall that could affect this?05:41
Smaror anything else listening on that port for that matter05:41
ViGeX65Vbo: Also one thing you could consider trying is installing the early access SDK 2.1. And removing .config/SailfishOS-SDK before (re)install.05:43
X65Vbogreat idea, thanks. I was unaware of ~/.config/Sailfish*05:44
Smaror reload vbox’s modules05:44
Smarif it’s vbox that’s stuck05:44
X65Vbooh lawdy -_- -- it works now. Nothing changed, except I reinstalled it for the nth time. What a waste of an hour of dev time!05:47
X65VboThanks for your help Smar and ViGe05:47
Smarno problems05:47
Smarstrange problem05:47
X65Vboindeed. I wish we'd gotten to the bottom of it, we're no less enlightened than we were before :)05:48
dcalisteHello chriadam and jpetrell, sorry to be late…07:12
chriadamdcaliste: hi :-)  no worries07:12
dcalisteThanks chriadam for the reviews.07:12
chriadamI haven't had a chance to test the caldav PR regarding etag/uri updates, but in general the change looks good.07:12
dcalisteI've looked at the comments this morning and will address them later today I guess.07:13
chriadamI see that jpetrell hasn't had time to finish the review of the jolla-email PR and approve that one.  it's a super busy time at the moment, not sure whether he'll get a chance to do that this week.07:13
dcalisteYes, I hope it makes the notebooksyncagent code simpler.07:13
dcalistechriadam, ok, I understand.07:13
chriadamwill wait to see if pvuorela is ok with the kcalcore change, if so I will merge it as soon as possible07:13
chriadamon the sailfish-secrets side, those ones somehow slipped my radar this last week07:14
dcalisteI think you had a question about all day event related to this kcalcore PR.07:14
dcalisteI think there is no change for all day event. This change is in the recurrence code and greping mEndDate for the recurrence doesn't return result other than the places use to calculate the end date.07:15
dcalisteSo I think that removing mEndDate in the operator== _when_ duration is not null will not impact all day event or recurrence.07:16
dcalisteAbout secrets, the two MRs are related to the cancelation, as we discussed earlier.07:17
chriadamyes, I remember discussing those but completely forgot to review/test those, sorry07:17
dcalisteThe second is about the return Result when the DBus connection timeout or failed. It's a simple one (changing same code in many places, but it's basically a one liner).07:17
dcalisteThe first one is more complex and is adding cancelation API to the UserInput plugins.07:18
chriadamyep.  is it unit tested or is there another simple way to test those?07:18
dcalisteI didn't add test, maybe I can see if I can figure out one.07:18
dcalisteTo test, it's simple though:07:19
dcalisterun "secret-tool --get-user-input" and Crtl-C it.07:19
chriadamgreat, thanks07:19
dcalisteBefore patch, the CLI returns but the dialog stays on screen until it timeout.07:19
dcalisteAfter patch, it disappears as expected.07:20
dcalisteIt is implemented for authentication dialogs also.07:20
dcalisteSo run the secret-tool for some action that requires the authentication like accessing a secret and Crtl-C it.07:20
chriadamI can look at adding some system tests for it, potentially, to the system test matrix.  might be simpler than attempting to write unit tests for it, as they're separate processes and can be `kill -9 pid` easily in the script07:21
dcalisteIndeed. How will you test that the dialog disappears ?07:21
chriadammanually/visually, the system tests are intended to be verified manually by a tester.07:21
dcalisteAh, ok, good.07:22
chriadamtests/scripts/matrix/README describes briefly07:22
dcalisteOk, I can easily give a look if you're too busy.07:23
chriadamthat would definitely be appreciated of course :-)07:23
chriadambut when I review/test those I will try to manually test in any case07:24
dcalisteNo problem. Maybe you didn't have time to look at this one https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/40?07:24
chriadamlet me check07:24
chriadamah I did check that07:24
chriadamI meant to ask blam to check also07:24
dcalisteIt's for the update of calendar list and properties for CalDAV plugin.07:25
dcalisteAh, ok, good.07:25
chriadamshort answer: it looks good to me, but likely will merge it when we're ready to merge the caldav plugin change also (i.e. after the next software update version is branched)07:27
chriadamas IIRC it's an enabler for that one07:28
dcalisteOk, that's true indeed. Fine.07:28
dcalisteI would like to let you know also that I'm actively working on the possibility to select which folder to down-sync in IMAP. I'm adding a ComboBox in account settings with something like "inbox only, inbox and subfolders, custom" where custom is proposing textswitch for each folders. It requires changes in account settings, nemo-qml-plugin-email, buteo-sync-plugin-email and potentially in QMF also :/07:30
dcalisteIt's not ready yet, but in case you would like to plan this kind of changes for landing in a coming version…07:31
dcalistejpetrell ^ also07:31
chriadambig change.  jpetrell is that something which design has considered ^07:31
dcalisteIt's part of the most voted changes in TJC ;)07:31
jpetrellcool :)07:31
dcalistehttps://together.jolla.com/question/319/enhancements-of-the-email-client/ the second point, as explained by the poster "option for each folder is a way to view and synchronize only some selected folders."07:35
dcalisteAnd https://together.jolla.com/question/1209/email-allow-to-subscribe-to-multiple-folders-in-an-account/07:35
dcalisteI think I will submit initial MR before the end of the month, but it may requires a bit of discussion ;) The nice thing is that QMF already handle this with the synchronizationEnabled status flag for a folder.07:37
chriadamindeed, reading some of those it definitely seems more important than I had initially judged07:37
dcalisteThe point is how to show this possibility nicely to the user.07:37
dcalisteFor people (like me) who sort messages on server and distribute them in folders on server, it is also a necessity not to miss messages.07:38
chriadamthanks for looking into that one07:39
chriadamok, I don't have much more - sorry I wasn't very active this last week with testing/reviewing those PRs.  Hopefully will get a chance this week to do more.07:42
dcalisteOh that's fine. I will already address your remarks from today.07:43
chriadamthanks very much07:43
chriadamaside from that, have a great week and see you next meeting :-)07:43
dcalisteIndeed, thank you and have a nice week also.07:44
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dcalistechriadam: I've done the suggested modification in the CalDAV MR. Thanks for the review.08:18
laalfhello! does anyone know if android auto works with alien?16:23
attahHas anyone managed to interact with nfc yet? Mine appears to be enabled and powered, but cannot detect any targets/tags17:07
Mister_Magisterattah: somebody made app to check if it present. i don't think he progressed much since then17:08
attahMister_Magister: Any idea where i might find that?17:08
Mister_Magisterin logs of #sailfishos-porters channel probably17:09
attahhmm, not finding anything... maybe should try that archive download thingy, but wowza that was slow17:17
malattah: what kind of tag are you using?17:18
malit only detects certain types of tags currently17:18
attahMy bus pass17:18
malthat won't work17:18
mallike I said, it only has support for certain simple tags, like url-tags17:20
attahhmm, okay17:20
attahi have some keyfob ones around here somewhere17:21
attahHmm, i thought i would have to program that tag, but it already had purple.com as dummy data17:40
attah...but it's still not picked up17:41
attahmal: do i need to StartPollLoop? and in that case what is the string parameter it wants?17:41
malattah: what do you mean? the string tags are automatically picked up by UI17:44
attahi'm poking at dbus from a dummy app... but i shouldn't even need that?17:44
malwhy are using dbus directly? qt nfc should work just fine17:46
attahI must admit i was unaware that was a thing17:46
attahBut you are saying it should detect things like URL tags even without me explicitly asking?17:47
malyes, it should if those are of correct type17:49
attahHmm, okay.. this one is a mifare one with URI type "http://www." and content "purple.com"17:51

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